GK Old System Upgrade

7 days to die gk old system upgrade, 7 days to die building materials

This mod brings back the old block upgrade system (Now there are 16), adds bricks and a tool to create bricks in the forge, they are to improve the cobblestone block to brick block, they can also be harvested in brick blocks that is on the world map.

All forms can be improved.

The woodrebarFrame block can be upgraded to stainlessSteel, but loses its ability to pick it up after upgrading to wood, be warned.

Important Note: Before installing any mod, make a backup of your saved game, to avoid errors or character reset, you are warned.


Finally the mod GK Old System Upgrade is updated. After much trial and error (and heartache), it’s done.

  • The scrapIron block has been replaced by the corrugated one.
  • Adjusted MaxDamage in blocks.
  • Three blocks have been removed due to errors.
    • Reinforced Concrete
    • The two poured concrete blocks

The recipes for AcceleratorConcrete and SteelPolish are not under unlock, but require a little more resources.

DOWNLOAD for A21 (160 KB)
DOWNLOAD for A20 (161 KB)

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Gouki

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7 thoughts on “GK Old System Upgrade

    1. Hi Roman

      The mod works correctly in A21.2 b30 stable, it may be some incompatibility with another mod or bad installation.
      Apologies for the delay in responding.


    1. Hi Brandon

      It may be some incompatibility with another mod that changes the tools in the forge.
      Download the latest version and check if it works for you.
      Apologies for the delay in responding.


  1. Let me explain further:

    I tested first in an actual game (Currently in A20.4 but A20.5 is out), but swapped over to the prefab editor when I couldn’t get any further with it. Here are the issues:

    All wood shapes are white boxes in the inventory, and menu. The variet shapes themselves exist, but they all look the same. This is coumpounded by the fact this is across the board, so all the scrap, concrete, brick, and steel shapes also appear as white boxes. This is probably a .xml issue, so could be fixed after a little work

    The stone axe is only capable of upgrading upto Brick (the 9th stage), as stated*. This is fine, but there i no indication that you can not progress further for this reason. Instead the game insists you lack concrete mix – even if you have a ton of it. (The same applies to the claw hammer when it reaches reinforced concrete(?)the 13th stage)

    Not sure if the on-screen complaint can be changed, but you could work around thse issue by changing the description for the stone axe (and the claw hammer) to include it can not work with materials stronger than brick, and XXX respectively.

    The first and upgrades after brick (requires claw hammer or better) have no texture. These are shiny black boxes instead. This can probably be easily fixed by applying a hex colour varient to the brick graphic. This also applies to the 3rd upgrade (after concrete block) and can probably be solved simmilarly.

    Supposedly the nailgun can reach all 16 stages (initial, plus 15 upgrades) but at stage 14 (Steel) it starts to complain of a lack of steel polish. However, there is no way to even get this item. That is to say, while it does show up in the crafting menu (requiring Advanced Engineering no less) it does not exist in the Creative menu.

    Now, you can (in theory) spawn these using the give self command, but this doesn’t work for multiples as with other resources, and it looks like you need more than just a few to upgrade, so that would take a while.

    Giveself a couple hundred thousand EXP, and the recipe is unlocked. However, the recipe is crafted in the chem lab (easily spawned) but doesn’t seem to actually allow crafting – at least not at first. I went back to it after it failed claiming it needed fuel (despite fuel being in the chem lab) and it actually allowed me to craft.

    Finally, I had all 16 stages in from of me. What else could I possibly do, except punch them? And here’s the kicker:

    Stage 01 (placed) Frames – 0050 health
    Stage 02 (sto axe) Wood v1 – 0200 health
    Stage 03 (sto axe) Wood v2 – 0400 health (double strength wood)
    Stage 04 (sto axe) Wood v3 – 0600 health (wood, scrap reinforced)
    Stage 05 (sto axe) Scrap v1 – 0800 health (scrap iron)
    Stage 06 (sto axe) Scrap v2 – 1000 health (double strength scrap iron)
    Stage 07 (sto axe) Flags v1 – 1200 health
    Stage 08 (sto axe) Flags v2 – 1400 health (flagstone brick)
    Stage 09 (sto axe) Brick v1 – 1800 health
    Stage 10 (cla axe) Brick v2 – 1500 health (shiny black square) Cobblestone maybe?
    Stage 11 (cla axe) Concrete – 2500 health
    Stage 12 (cla axe) Concrete – 2000 health (shiny black square)
    Stage 13 (cla axe) Concrete – 6000 health Reinforced Concrete
    Stage 14 (nl gun) Steel – 10000 health
    Stage 15 (nl gun) Steel – 26000 health

    As you can see the health values on the two textureless blocks are out of whack with everything else.

    Depending on how you mod is designed, this might be a simple matter of correcting a few errors.

    *Personally, I would lower this as the stone ace should be clumsy tool, and the claw hammer a much more deft one. As it stand the stone hammer has eight stages to upgrade while the claw hammer, and the nailgun only have four, and three.

    Given there are a total of fifteen upgrades, I would suggest the stone axe tap out after the first five (given that stone on stone is usually a bad idea), while claw hammer has the next five (can go all the way upto concrete), and the nail gun the last four (can do them all).

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