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Do you love playing the Map “Navezgane” but miss big Cities with the new A20-Street-Tiles? Well, maybe this Map is the right one for you: NavezganeX.

“X” stands for “Extension” and means that NavezganeX is now a 10k-Map with many new A20-Cities around.


  • I took the 6k-Heightmap of Navezgane & crossed it with one of my 10k-RWG-Maps.
  • I put Navezgane in die Center & overworked the Landscape to have smooth Connections.
  • After that i let Teragon generate the new A20-Cities around.
  • Then i created many new Streets to connect Navezgane with the new Regions.

Navezgane is completely the same as you know it, but now you can travel beyond all borders in all directions!


Just put the unpacked Folder “NavezganeX” into your Generated Worlds-Folder:

If the Folder “AppData” is not showing up just unhide your “YourUserName”-Folder!
Choose the Map in the Game Menu and Start the Game.

The Really Good Thing

You can even play NavezganeX with your old Navezgane-Savegame: Just start a new Game with a new Name on NavezganeX so the Game will create a new NavezganeX-Savegame-Folder here: OS(C:)/User/”YourUserName”/AppData/Roaming/7DaystoDie/Saves
Then just copy your old Navezgane-Savegame into the NavezganeX-Folder and continue your Game on this much bigger Map!

Enjoy & have Fun!

Your DirkillerGaming (check my Channel on Youtube)


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Credits: Made by DirkillerGaming

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7 thoughts on “Map: NavezganeX

    1. I will try it in the next days/weeks.
      The A20-Version won’t work with A21 because of the new POIs.
      I think you can start now with the normal Navezgane and continue your Game later on “Navezgane X 21” by copying your Savegame into the “Navezgane X 21”-Folder – at least this trick works with the old Versions.

  1. This looks awesome. Farfetched but I’d love to somehow combine this extended map with Navezgane+ Plus which adds a ton of community prefabs into the original Navezgane , that would be incredible

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