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New mod that Tristam made practically from scratch. It’s an overhaul of the “Valmar’s Starter Class System, Tristam edition“. The difference this time is that the classes are much more balanced. You start with a Bug-out bag, use it to pick a class, and that class then gives you an unlocked bug out bag, materials for the starter quest, and Tokens. These Tokens cover everything from Weapons and Ammo to Clothes and Armor. There are 11 different kinds, and you use them to craft your starting equipment.

The general rule of thumb is “3” is the best, 1 is the worst. You can take a Tool Token and get a Wiretool, or you can use 3 to get an Auger, Nailgun, or Chainsaw. What tokens you get and how many depend on the class, so expect something like a Medic to have a lot of Medic Tokens, but the Bruiser will have a lot of Armor and Melee Tokens. So now, even if you pick a class that specializes in ranged combat, you’re going to have to balance between having a high tier gun and the ammo that goes in it. Things are a lot more fluid now, and there’s nothing keeping you from pooling resources with friends. Why spend one Vehicle Token on a bike when you guys can get together four for a 4×4 the base can share?

Oh, and don’t worry about being bored from having everything done for you from the start, as everything you craft will be level 1, or w/e level your stats/perks support. This makes is viable for late entries into servers as well, since you can have a higher level friend craft better gear for use if you so choose. Assuming you know someone you can trust to do it.

As requested, he put in a few random classes as well. There’s “Random Uneven” which will give you random tokens, “Random Even” which will give you a very balanced spread of Tokens, and “Random Select” which will give you one of the base classes at random.

Lastly, he has set it up so that the classes are easy to edit or update for the future or any modder out there who likes to tinker.


  • (new) Hotfix: Removed Drone Weapon Mod as it was causing errors.
  • Builder and Mechanic Classes were giving the wrong items, and the “Even” random class was named “uneven.”
  • Updated bundles cost so you have a reason to buy them. For the cost of 500 rounds, you get 600.
  • modinfo was improperly named, which made it incompatible with Tactical Action. It has now been fixed.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Tristam, Valmar

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5 thoughts on “ReClass

  1. cant even craft the items, the bug bag has 0 craft slots from what i can tell, the craft button is lit up fine, just does nothing when you press it

    1. Alright, by placing and using the bugout bag, I was able to use it as a crafting station for my magazine, schematic, and armor tokens. but nothing else. Am i missing something obvious here?

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