POI Light Enabler

7 days to die poi light enabler, 7 days to die lights

This does not need electric to function. Great tool for to light up areas you wish or Street Lights in real time.

What this does is allow you to Turn ON/OFF any POI lighting in game in real time without using the world editor.

How to Use

  1. Just go up to ANY POI Lighting even POI Lights you place and Press E to Turn ON/OFF
  2. Hold E to Enable Editing of the POI Lighting Source itself.

7 days to die poi light enabler additional screenshot 1

7 days to die poi light enabler additional screenshot 2

How to Install

Download and replace the original Assembly-CSharp.dll (be sure to create a backup of original first, just in case.)

Works on SP and MP and works on Dedicated Servers.

Note: If you decide to play on other peoples dedicated server, there is no guarantee you will not be banned. You must have EAC Disabled. Player uses at their own risk. Highly suggest only playing on your own dedicated server, or on SP.

Download Client Side (A19 b180)
Download Server Side (A19 b180)
Download Client Side DMT Version (A19 b180)
Download Server Side DMT Version (A19 b180)

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: FastBurst, P_E_T_E

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14 thoughts on “POI Light Enabler

      1. I was just trying to use it for SP but the game itself wouldnt load so i wasnt able to alter any options i dl the client side version if that helps

        1. If you have EAC enabled, the game won’t load. When you launch the game, choose “Show game launcher.” Then make sure “Use EasyAntiCheat (EAC)” does NOT have the checkmark. The game won’t load with EAC on when this .dll is installed.

          1. I think that would fix things since it let me start loading the game however i most likely have a mod or something interfering. Either way thanks for the help this looks like an awesome mod.

    1. Assembly-CSharp.dll won’t work, after install get into a black screen and debugging don’t load.

      Alpha 19 B173

  1. This file is now incompatible with A19.1 (b8). It adds an imaginary 10 slots above the toolbelt, and only 8 slots of the toolbelt can be selected.

  2. I used to be able to get this to work okay now I can’t –Which one do I use for SP??
    Also my file has this now Assembly-CSharp-firstpass.dll is this my problem, do I even need this, I figured it came in a new update ??????

  3. Hi. I’ve just installed the mod… BUT! Even though I unchecked EAC in launcher, my game won’t even load and it crashes. Any help with that please?

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