Server Side Zombies

7 days to die server side zombies, 7 days to die zombies

This mod adds 15 new zombies to the game, each one with a different skill and all but one with a dedicated spawn. Most of the new creatures have large HP and give a lot of XP on each kill. A few have a fixed 100% prob of dropping Boss Loot, so feel free to modify the files to your liking.

Adds a craftable “Research Camera” and “Photographic film”. Each picture of a new zombie gives you 1% extra damage to that kind. A successful picture is indicated by an audible “click” different from the regular shoot sound. The max extra damage is 25%. There is a fanfare when you complete a zombie research.

Included is the NOBLOODMOON XML, just rename and replace the entitygroups.xml file.

The Zombies

  • Banshee
  • Bomber
  • Cowhead
  • Geist
  • Juggernaut
  • Mantis
  • Parasite
  • Scarecrow
  • Undertaker
  • Wendigo
  • Wrestler
  • Archon
  • Scorcher
  • Siren
  • Psycho

7 days to die server side zombies screenshot

Recently Snukfin became friends with the admin of the server where he play, so all the mods he has created have been exclusive to their server. Now he decided to share with the community, so what he will post from now on is actually the work of many months and have been tested by several people.

Note for modders: Take a look at the xmls, he has been exploiting many underused functions that don’t require code and may circumvent the necessity of using custom resources.


Here is an update to Snufkin’s Custom Zombies – A19 Stable.

This update considers the Parasite melee and buff. It is long overdue but was highlighted in the very first testing phase when restoring this mod for A19. In the A18 version of 7D2D we were able to to receive damage using a feature called HealthMaxModifierOT. This modified the players overall health by a set value ‘Over Time’. This feature was removed for A19 to coincide with the new hit features such as lacerations and buff candy.

It was essential to provide an alternative because she was only causing melee damage of 1 for every hit even though the flashing countdown red skull and countdown time may cause some initial disorientation. In essence, she was biting with blunt teeth. The restoration is as follows:


<passive_effect name="HealthMax" operation="base_subtract" value="15"/>

This decreases players base health by 15 after a positive melee strike.

<triggered_effect trigger="onSelfBuffStart" action="ModifyCVar" cvar="$parasite" operation="set" value="5"/>

This gives the player a 5 second countdown until health is restored to normal values after the first positive melee strike,

<triggered_effect trigger="onSelfBuffStack" action="ModifyCVar" cvar="$parasite" operation="add" value="10"/>

However, if the second and subsequent melee attacks are positive hits while the initial 5 second counter is still active, a further 10 seconds are added to the countdown for each additional hit.


<property name="DamageEntity" value="10"/>

This value allows the Parasite melee attack to cause 8 damage in addition to the above loss of base health.

Here is an explanation for why these settings are applied for this update:

These new values offer a balance to new low level players and experience higher level players.

Low Level Players

The first hit that reduces 15 base health to low level players is on a 5 second countdown until the value can be restored. This is a warning. A second and further positive hits increases the countdown by incremental 10 second steps. It would be wise for low level players to retreat at this point because restoring that 15 health when your base health is only between 100 to 125 on top of low natural healing and potentially limited bandages and first aid kits carries high risk of death. Furthermore, the Parasite has very strong restorative properties and the outcome is weighted towards her coming out victorious.

Higher Level Players

For higher level players, the opposite applies as health, restorative potential, weapon strength, resources, and other factors can put the weighting towards a player victory. Even with the Parasite’s restorative powers, she can be ultimately overwhelmed. However, if a high level player is also threatened by other zombies, they may also face hits that cause more than the Parasite’s 8 damage as well as the new A19 features such as lacerations which can further decrease base health.

In summary, a low level player should play it safe or time it carefully, while a high level player can come out victorious by using careful due diligence.

Arramus hope you can test this update and provide feedback on how you and your server regulars are finding it.

Special thanks to BubbaJoe for having the foresight to implement a variant to the above change but at a more sadistic level which apparently suits his regular server visitors. As always, the changes have been clearly documented to allow you to further customise to your heart’s content. Let’s see how it goes from here.

entitygroups.xml expansion for mature servers (Snufkin Party Version)

Adding to sadistic gameplay levels, here is a more challenging entitygroups.xml file that you may wish to try if your server has matured and the player base is at a high level of experience or game stage. It is called entitygroups_Snufkin_Party.xml. It needs to be renamed to entitygroups.xml and replace the default entitygroups.xml in the Config folder to become active.

Using this file with allow Snufkin Zombies to become the rule rather than the exception.

Regular groups have seen Snufkin Zombies set to a probability of 0.8 except Wendigo at 0.5. This is an 80 to 500 fold increase respectively. In addition, the Demolisher will appear in the Wasteland at night. This does not mean your server will be inundated with Snufkin Zombies because the groups they belong to are competing with regular zombies to spawn and many regular zombies appear at a higher probability. In addition, there are limits on how many can spawn at once. Therefore, you will see Snufkin Zombies much more often but not in horde numbers.

However, the Blood Moon group sees quite a change:

At present, there are a maximum of 10 Snufkin Zombies selected in the default Snufkin entitygroups.xml file for Blood Moon. GS1 to GS247 has 9 Snufkin Zombies. Archon, Undertaker, Cowhead, Parasite, Geist, Bomber, Scarecrow, Banshee, and Juggernaut. GS255 to GS4086 onwards adds Scorcher to complete the 10.

This Snufkin Party version adds all 15 characters on the premise that Blood Moon brings out absolutely everything. GS1 to GS247 has the same 9 default Snufkin Zombies in addition to the Psycho and Siren to allow lower level players a gentler start. GS255 to GS4086 onwards adds the default Scorcher along with the remaining 3 characters; Wendigo, Mantis, and Wrestler.

The lower HP or less disruptive characters receive a higher probability increase as game stage increases. The higher HP or more disruptive characters do receive a probability increase but at a more regulated pace as game stage increases. The Banshee and the Wrestler have seen particular regulation as they can be quite disruptive but will still make their presence felt.

The default version was specifically set to be conservative and reflected player comments who could find things a little challenging. The default is a wonderful introduction for low level inexperienced players.

Snufkin Party moves further along the spectrum to a more upper intermediate level for experienced players while still retaining balance.

The default entitygroups.xml for Snufkin Zombies and the Snufkin Party version offer their own unique experiences and are but two of an infinite variety you can customise to match your own needs and specifications.

Alpha 19 Versions
Download Base Mod for A19
Download Research Camera Addon for A19 (Needs base to work)
Alpha 18 Versions
Download Base Mod for A18
Download Research Camera Addon for A18 (Needs base to work)

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Snukfin, Arramus, Slawa
Special Thanks: Robeloto

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66 thoughts on “Server Side Zombies

  1. iv been trying to download the A18 version of the mod, but every time i click the link it tells me it can not be found? anyone able to help me out?

  2. No idea why but i can’t download the mod for some reason – only thing it says is “not found”. tried all websites – still cant find it anywhere – only the “plus” is available but does not work without the base. please help!!!

  3. Is there an A20 of this mod that only has these? Like the PLUS version is cool but I don’t want all of those extra entities like the shark and all that. Just an A20 of this version would be nice if it’s not already made ^^.

  4. Is it possible to remove a couple zombies? ie. the ones that fly around or cause heavy lag, tried playing through a horde night but had a lot of issue with FPS even on low quality. TIA

  5. We have applied this mod mid-season prior to A19 and had no problems.

    But this time, I applied this latest A19 to an existing world, and it wiped all the players and their builds and storage etc.

    I assume this only works on a fresh world. So be aware.

  6. brillant mod, me and my brother played it on our local co op server . First blood moon was intense. However were on day and never seen any of these zombies outside of the blood moon, only when the blood moon happens? any ideas how to get them to spawn with reg zombies?

  7. can this game run with other mod
    i play it with war of the walker no error or bug but there seems no boss from this mod spawning

  8. Hi, I am facing an issue requesting your expert help

    1] Started a Vanilla Game
    2] Opened the save file in War3zuk Mode by mistake.
    3] Again started the game in Vanilla
    4] When I tried to open the Secured Chest, by pressing ‘E’ nothing happened.
    5] Broke the chests one by one and they dropped lootbags
    6] I could open the blue lootbags and retrieve some stuff.
    7] It did not work for all the chests. For two chests which I destroyed, the blue bags dropped and when I press E it does not open. I cannot destroy the blue bags looks like, I can only see then but actually there is nothing. The stone axe gets nothing when I try to use it on the bags,
    8] The console shows following error messages :
    ERR – No Itemclass entry for Type 34317
    ERR – No Itemclass entry for Type 34147

    Kindly help


  9. Hey! It seems like a great mod, but i have a question i wanna do before i regret it all: i want to apply this mod to an already existing world i have in a dedicated server. I followed all the instructions for the installation, but the console log shows no sign of it being read by the server. The question is: is it a random error, or do I have to reset the Sv for it to work?

    Thanks a lot

    1. I applied it to an existing world, and it wiped all the players and their builds and storage etc.

      I assume this only works on a fresh world.

  10. Hi I want to ask about the Juggernaut, I only see him on the very first Bloodmoon and never see him again, so can I change it to at least 3 first Bloodmoon.

  11. Is it possible to remove certain zombies, like the flying ones? (geist and archon). I ask because i have fun making underground bases, and during the blood moon, a ton of geists and archons eventually build up in the sky outside and take up all the slots and attack the ground outside, then all other zombies stop running down into my base. Thanks!

  12. Hey all,

    Can someone help me with a specific question?

    If I instal the mod on a personal server that I play with my gf, and we are on day 48, will it crash the server, or when I open up the game the new Z’s will start appearing normally? Should I make a back-up of my server?

    Thank y’all!

  13. We are really enjoying this mod on our server.
    We are planning to create “challenges” and “events” for players and this mod helps us add a little variety.

    love it!

    1. Sounds frustrating. Looks like a conflict somewhere. I wonder what other mods, if any are running. Maybe best to follow the link above in the description area to the official thread where there are a few people on hand to lend a hand.

  14. I have issues with the mod working and I’m admittedly confused about it. I have the folder structure down I’m sure:

    7 Days To Die\Mods\Snufkin_CustomZombies_A19-Stable_2020Oct22

    Revisions and Readme

    but I get resource based errors, am I supposed to change xmls so custom textures aren’t required?

  15. Just as an update to the description, there are now 15 Snufkin zombies with the ‘Psycho’ returning to the mix. The Psycho will spawn in the Pine Forest in the dead of night and will be watching for passersby.

    1. Hi Lex,

      The camera has not been integrated and is currently its own standalone mod addition. A link for it can be found at the top of the same thread listed here by 7DAYSTODIEMODS. If you test it with the current build, feedback would be appreciated.

  16. Yeees finally it is here !!! :)))

    Now we need the custom cars and guns and we are very happy !!! :)))))))))))))))

    1. Please! I cannot get this to work. I have tried this several different ways and followed the directions. I am an idiot so I need better directions.

    1. The only thing I can think of is to mess with the ‘entitygroups_nobloodmoon’ file and raise the probability so high for the Snufkin zombies that they HAVE to spawn. Doing it right now.

  17. Hello thanks for your hard work,
    i was wondering how we craft or place the station in the latest update?
    do we need to have the add on to use it?

  18. Just got this mod running the other day on my linux 7 days dedicated server, absolutely a blast with the new Zds to fight!!! I had the issue with the mod not loading like mentioned above but downloading again and reading it to the server has fixed things. Lightning attacks seem to be working fine here, maybe the people having issues have a conflicting mod?

    All and all give this mod an A+ for sure and only have one suggestion, a guide on how to adjust the Zds would be great! The banshee scream is a bit much when she hits you over and over on a 7th, would like to space the scream out a bit more or weaken it a bit, but that’s also just me others may love it. 😉

    Thanks for your awesome work!

    1. I went into the buffs.xml and throttled the Banshee’s effect in order to make her reasonable. I also made her a little more rare so our server wasn’t stacked with four of them screaming at the same time.

  19. Hi there.
    I must say this mod is super funny and bring more challenge in the game. I love those bad guy with thire unique abilities… BUT there is one problem with flying dude Geist. Everytime he triest to cast his lightning ball my console pops out with an error message that the instance wasnt able to happen. I am glad that he is less threat but on the other hand it makes me stop and everytime he cast my console doesnt let me play. During blood moon its super annoying because when you are unavailable to move surrounded by zombies you die instantly. So please fix the problem with Geist lightning ball.


    1. Hello. Thank you for your feedback. I guess the author fixed this problem. Please download it again.

      1. Nope. Its still there. Geist when cast a electricity balls the console pops out with error message. Its annoying during blood moon when you need to deal with several zombies and every 5s console pops out and I am completely frozen for some time until I press Esc. and shoot him down as soon as possible.

        Please FIX!

        1. yes unfortunitly i had to remove the mod due this issue my wife and i play together and i died twice in one bloood moon due to it. i love these added zombies and so does she and i want to add it back bit this needs fixed first. i currently am running the creature pack and its fun but not as fun IMO as this

    “I found it….. so in case you don’t know, Linux Servers require capitalization on the mod folder structure. Your Config folder was lower case and was not loading at all. I spent 8 hours drilling down on every aspect of your mod only to finally figure out you didn’t have the config folder capitalized… as your zombies are amazing, I believe the time was worth spending to get this to work!! I saw other linux server users complain that your mods don’t work and this is why.”

    It is from one user that wrote this to autor of this mod…so i repost it here for other players !!!

    1. Hey, you said you delved into this mod. Do you know if this mod can put my model in to set the appearance of zombies? I have many self-made character models, but it is difficult to import them.

  21. Hey, I might be a pleb but where I am I supposed to drop the files? There is no Read me file and Just dropping it in the folder doesn’t seem to work.

    Thanks in advance.

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