FRK Ammo Crafting

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Changes ammunition crafting to require specific sized casings and tips.

One thing that has always bugged him about this game, is that ammo crafting is dumbed down too much – all casings are the same, all tips are the same size… So he made a mod to fix it lol.

  • Adds Steel ammo for all 3 calibers. (9mm, 7.62mm, .44)
  • Bullet tips now have to be crafted for each caliber. (9mm, 7.62mm, .44)
  • Bullet casings now have to be crafted for each caliber. (9mm, 7.62mm, .44)
  • All bullets require primers
  • Shotgun Ammo now altered. All components require individual crafting (cases, primers, shot/slug).

Primers are crafted at a chemistry station, Tips and Casings in the forge, as before. Crafting of primers requires Demolition expert rank 1.

Crafting costs for tips and casings adjusted slightly.

7 days to die frk ammo crafting additional screenshot


  • (new) Updated to include Shotgun Ammo.
  • Updated to include AP/HP variants of the Steel Ammo, Added HP/AP bullet tips for all calibers, added different sized primers (Small Pistol, Large Pistol and Large Rifle).

Important: Needs to be installed on both the server and client sides, due to custom icon(s)/assets.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: FreakUK

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