Skill Share (Fixed)

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This is the fixed version of Zorora’s Skill Share mod.

Zorora wanted a way to to share skills points in multiplay so she added teaching books to all the crafting skill trees. Every 5 levels you gain in a crafting skill, you learn to craft a teaching book that brings the player that uses it up to the same skill level. Teaching books require coal, leather, paper, and grass fibers to craft.

I liked the idea, and saw the mod wasn’t operational so I fixed the code.

7 days to die skill share (fixed) additional screenshot


Credits: TrygveOni, Zorora

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2 thoughts on “Skill Share (Fixed)

  1. Some work, some don’t work. From what I was able to tell, Shotguns, Rifles, and Medicine work. Others say I have them unlocked but when I go to craft they’re still locked (farming, food, harvesting).

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