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Zorora wanted a way to to share skills points in multiplay so she added teaching books to all the crafting skill trees. Every 5 levels you gain in a crafting skill, you learn to craft a teaching book that brings the player that uses it up to the same skill level. Teaching books require coal, leather, paper, and grass fibers to craft.


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Credits: Zorora

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5 thoughts on “Skill Share

  1. The author in the ‘progression.xml’ file, used ‘append’ instead of ‘insertAfter’ for every book after craftingHarvestingTools (Tools Digest). I was able to fix it manually by just referencing the base game progression file, and using the working code for Tools Digest, to figure out how to write the rest of the code for the mod. I’m sorry I can’t attach it here, the website got angry when I tried to write an example for the fix.

  2. Hello, i have a problem with the mod, even if i am level 100 in food, the crafting is locked and i cannot craft, can you help me please?

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