Better Block Upgrades

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UPDATE: Fixed the Item Icons for Log Spikes and removed previous, did not realize it wasn’t a vanilla asset. I do apologize to those using this Mod. NEW Icons added back in, same log spike shape but generic in colors, I did try to match colors somewhat to resemble the log spike in game. IT is well enough to notice a difference if you pick up a spike that is upgraded. Should not interfere with your game if you already loaded this mod, simply update it and your icons should appear now properly if connecting server side. If your client, you prob never noticed. Thank you again for helping this old guy learn something new! Also fixed Localization for Steel Polish to display correctly.

This is my SERVER SIDE ONLY alpha 21 update for my Better Blocks. This mod allows a more natural progression past the Steel blocks from Vanilla. This mod allows players to upgrade to Reinforced Steel Blocks and then further to Titanium Blocks.

These Blocks have increased health, Reinforced Steel Blocks having 20k health and Titanium Blocks having 30k health. These blocks also follow the vanilla progression and have increased explosion resistance. I personally found this mod great to play with increased difficulties, higher Bloodmoon damage, or custom zombies.

To upgrade the blocks simply craft Steel Polish in the forge, it only takes 1 Steel Polish to upgrade a block. To upgrade to Titanium it takes 1 Steel Polish, 2 Forged Steel and 1 Oil to craft a Titan Polish at the workbench. Titan Polish can also be found in some Toolboxes once your game stage is progressed enough. Players also have the ability to craft the blocks directly in the workbench similar to cobblestone blocks and concrete blocks.

Lastly, I added back in the log spikes, fully upgradable from Wood to Titanium with all the same materials. Log Spikes can also be picked up, so be careful not to accidentally grab them. You can craft wood or iron spikes directly and upgrade from there.

I do NOT plan to update or modify this mod any further as it is working great for my friends and I. If you see any issues, I will occasionally check the comments, but I’m that Dad Gamer who learned how to XML mod, I have 0 programming/coding/modding experience, except for what I learned playing with XML since A19. All my mods are use at your own risk, but have worked PERFECTLY fine for myself and friends in both saved games and new.

7 days to die better block upgrades additional screenshot 1

7 days to die better block upgrades additional screenshot 2

7 days to die better block upgrades additional screenshot 3


Credits: TantraMan, Krampus (Thanks for noticing the Icon error)

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11 thoughts on “Better Block Upgrades

  1. Good mod.
    One thing to add;
    As much as titanium block sounds good, titanium by its own is actually as mechanically strong as anavearge steel.

    Only titanium alloy can be really strong.

    1. Download link is working. I’m not sure if you visited older version of this mod, I was able to download on my wife’s and Daughter PC without issue. See my other comment for a link as well unless website update link again. both were working.

    1. The UI icons won’t work or the spikes won’t work?

      I’ll test it again on my pc and connect to my server, I’ll make sure mods folder is deleted to check integrity, Thanks for letting me know.

  2. I noticed after I installed this, I started seeing a error in my boot logs in regards to the line below

    2023-08-20T21:51:20 43.301 ERR XML loader: Loading and parsing ‘blocks.xml’ failed

    Is this something i should worry about?

    1. I never got this error, either something wasn’t downloaded properly, installed correctly, or it may have a conflict with another mod.

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