Smitty’s Sirens & Alarms

7 days to die smitty's sirens & alarms, 7 days to die sound mod

This adds 19 additional sirens, alarms and alerts. When used with timed relays, motion sensors or pressure plates – the possibilities are invaluable.

For Darkness Falls users, you can set a timed relay with a specific siren to alert you when night is 2 hours away.

You can have a siren for security breaches vs an alert for when a horde is passing by.

Requires Speaker Schematic & Advanced Engineering.

All special speakers require a Speaker + Electrical Components.


  • Speaker – Ship Siren
  • Warning Alarm 1
  • Warning Alarm 2
  • Warning Alarm 3
  • Warning Alarm 4
  • Warning Alarm 5
  • Security Breach Voice
  • Sci Fi 1
  • Red Alert
  • Security Breach
  • Intruder Voice
  • Emergency Voice and Alarm
  • Emergency Voice
  • All Hands On Deck Voice
  • Alarm Siren 1
  • Alarm Siren 2
  • Alarm Fire
  • Sci Fi 2
  • Sci Fi 3

Test and working in current build A19.2

Doughphunghus made the entire mod. Wants me to distribute as the sounds used are licensed to me.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Smitty, Doughphunghus

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3 thoughts on “Smitty’s Sirens & Alarms

  1. hola smittys tengo hartos mods suyos y en especial queria pedirle k este lo actualize alpha20.2 b2 porfavor y gracias gran trabajo bro

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