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Some new craftable flags, make your own fun flag today! The A19 version uses a custom shader to add cloth motion features. A18/A17 used cloth physics. Shader motion is lighter on the FPS than using cloth physics. Some are using the looted flag to mark areas that are already looted.

And now even better with RallyPoint Flags!

Latest edition to flags collection. Embarrassed when your clan gathers around a cartoon bouncing exclamation point before braving a group quest? No more. Now you can make you own custom guild flag that marks the beginning of your end. Included are 5 rally flags, just edit the xpath blocks.xml file and pick the one you like best. Xyth will upload a rallyflag template to his repo soon in case you want to make your own.


Minor update to the flags, added missing normal maps so they look better in game.

Download for A19
Download for A18

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Xyth, Sheldon Cooper

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3 thoughts on “Flags Mod

  1. Good mod,a nd lovely textures. Unfortuantly I had to remove it because it broke quests for me. No matter what I did I could no longer acticate them. Went into Dev mode, no error showing. I’d love to try the mod again when it’s next updated.

  2. Anyone know how to set their own flag. I can’t do it, if anyone has to explain or show me how it should look more or less. I am asking for an answer because I care about this modification

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