FRK Dev Drugs

7 days to die frk dev drugs

Adds six new drugs to the dev section of the creative menu:

  • Dev: Amnesia! – Works like the dev respec potion, except it also clears all vanilla schematics!
  • Dev: Hurt Me! – Apply numerous physical debuffs. Sprained limbs, bleeds, concussion, etc.
  • Dev: Ipecac! – Give yourself Dysentary, and reduce your food and water by 50-60%
  • Dev: Ouchie! – Give yourself an abration.
  • Dev: Slice! – Give yourself a laceration (and associated infection/bleed chance).
  • Dev: ’tis but a scratch! – Break your arm and leg.

Obviously, these are of no use for a normal playthrough – they’re strictly for testing mods. FreakUK needed a couple of them for a personal project, so thought he’d release them incase they’re of use to another modder.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: FreakUK

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