Spartan Blocks

7 days to die spartan blocks, 7 days to die flag, 7 days to die building materials

This is a 7 Days to Die mod that adds Grand Spartan branded blocks and other related items.

  • 1.8: A whole bunch of new flags
    • One per Spartan moderators: 330 Shark, Beersplosion, Cult of Fast Food, Eh-Team
    • I’m Lost flag for when you need to mark where your are lost…
  • 1.7: Fix flags
    • Make them looks good with A19 / Unity3d 2019-02 cloth simulator
  • 1.6: Alpha 19
    • Rebuild assets for the new linear lighting (Alpha 19)
    • Try to fix issues with flags introduced with Unity 2019.2 Engine
  • 1.5: Miss Spartan flags
    • New Miss Spartan flags (regular, black, half-mast)
  • 1.4: Black flags
    • New Spartan black flag
    • New Patrol black flag
    • New Half-Mast version of all flags (because people die in this game apparently)
    • Change pole texture to aluminium
  • 1.3: Patrol Gaming
    • New Patrol Gaming flag
    • New help blocks for flags
    • New Patrol Gaming cube
    • New Marble cubes
    • Replace the Rocks texture for a new one
  • 1.2: Unity asset improvements
    • New Spartan flag with better animation and texture
    • New pattern for the cube
    • New helper for the cube now that there is more than one pattern
  • 1.1: Bug fix and tweaks
    • Fix an issue with the flag Unity tag that prevented the flag from being picked-up
    • Adjust economic and stack values for all blocks
    • Remove glue for the flag pole recipe
  • 1.0: Fist official version which includes
    • Spartan Cube with recipe
    • Flag Pole, Flag Canvas, and Spartan Flag with recipes

None of this would have been possible without Xyth work on Fun With Flags and his video tutorials.

Important: For this mod to work properly, it needs to be installed on the server and every player’s computer.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Eric Beaudoin

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