wtk34 Water Filter v1.2

7 days to die wtk34 water filter, 7 days to die drinks

This simple modlet will give you clean water when you right click at it with murky water.

7 days to die wtk34 water filter additional screenshot 1

7 days to die wtk34 water filter additional screenshot 2


  • Removed getting clean water with empty jar, some people thought it was op.
  • You will now need a schematic to craft it, and raised ingredient amounts and added some more ingredients, to craft it.
  • Also changed the amount of activated charcoal that is crafted from 10 to 3.

Also want to thank Valmar for his working sinks as that is where this idea was born.


Credits: wtk34, Valmar

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6 thoughts on “wtk34 Water Filter v1.2

  1. i agree i still have a copy of the first version that i may upload back to my github. I’m glad you like it tho!

      1. Yes i see the update and i dont want it :))) thanks god i downloaded the first version, that is for my server the perfect one i think :)))

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