Spawn Sleepers in Range

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Experimental mod for 7 Day to Die (Alpha 21) that forces sleeper volumes to spawn in sleepers within a certain range, even if the trigger is not yet activated. Intended to fix issues with pop-in spawning and clear quests failing to spawn in all zombies.

This is an entirely experimental mod. Use at your own risk. May affect frame rates if it spawns in too many zombies at one time. I would not recommend using on a server unless you’ve benchmarked it’s affects on your FPS in solo.


Mod options can be changed by editing Config.xml in the mod folder.


Download source to your 7 Days to Die mod folder (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods).

This is a Harmony (C#) mod. EAC must be disabled.


Based on conversation with zztong, I made the following additions and changes:

  • Added the option to split proximity checks into horizontal and vertical checks. This means that you can have only one or two floors spawn in at a time in a large multi-story POI if desired
  • Added the option to only spawn zombies if the player is within the bounds of the POI. This reduces spawning of volumes in neighboring POIs. Useful in big cities.
  • If a player is in a vehicle, the vehicle must be within the bounds of the POI to spawn zombies, as above. This reduces the spawns you get while driving through crowded areas.
  • If the spawn radius is 15 units or fewer, the corners of the SleeperVolume are also used for proximity checks, in addition to the center of the volume. While this adds more points to check, it also ensures that larger volumes don’t suddenly spawn in when the player is inside them.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: vbnet3d

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9 thoughts on “Spawn Sleepers in Range

  1. hello! i like this mod’s concept, but i think spawning radius are not change by configs somehow, it keep spawning zombies near 30m from my location, even i decreased the rate to 10m. can you fix it?

    1. If you look at the logs, is there an error about Config.xml? If it fails to load that file it will use the defaults. Might be directory permissions – not totally sure

      1. there no error about config.xml.. and i think disable the trigger is still working when i change it to false. everything is unchanged from default.

        1. Please try the latest version. There was a bug with the config path in earlier builds, and some fixes for logic, plus new features.

    1. Can you provide any details? I can try to reproduce.

      You can also go into Config.xml and set DisableTriggers to false. That might help

      1. i kill all of the zombies in the building but the quest never ends or detects that there aren’t any left

        1. In Config.xml, set DisableTriggers to false. I have confirmed that triggers are responsible for these last sets of zombies. Still trying to determine if there is a workaround without just turning all triggers on.

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