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It’s not your typical zombie apocalypse. This time it all started at Doggos.


  • Modified starting quest, with a bit of backstory
  • Enhanced biome spawning
  • Uses Zilox’s Material Modifier (18 KB) for visual cues (will run without it)
  • Traders never close
  • With some inspiration from RyanFaeScotland’s Demos only mod, and a bit of Khaine’s Darkness Falls


Work in progress, but pretty much stalled. This began as just an exercise to learn more modding, but Seven actually find it fun. Early game is quite scary. Most features are working pretty well but there is an issue with sleepers. Some will spawn in and are unable to move from their spawn location, or just spontaneously die. He occasionally see this in vanilla, but is much more prevalent in this mod. He doesn’t know how to fix this, or if it can be fixed. Any help with this will be appreciated.


Download version 0.1.9 and Material Modifier from the above link and unzip to your Mods folder. Probably compatible with many mods that don’t mess with or add entities.

7 days to die doggos additional screenshot


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: seven

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