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This mod adds bundles that you can create just like a spear, or WITH a spear. We’ve all wanted spears to stack so we have a reason to throw them, and now you can. Make a bundle, put it on your toolbar for convenience, and left click to unbox a spear. Move the spear to your toolbar and then that slot will “remember” the spear. So now when you throw the spear, you can either pick it up or unbox another spear from your spear bag and it will go right to that slot. Unbox, throw, unbox again. All spears can be crafted into spear bags for easy stacking. The quality of the spear you unbox from a bundle is based on the quality of the bundles themselves and yes, they’re color coded.

Each rank in the Javelin Master perk unlocks the next tier of spear bag. Steel Spear Bags have to be unlocked with the Spear Hunter vol 3 book, just like vanilla Steel Spears do. Steel Spear Bags made with parts have to be crafted at the workstation just like vanilla spears (see a pattern?) while the Spear Bags that are made directly from spears themselves can be made anywhere steel or not.

Spear bags stack to 150, just like arrows. The crafting time for recipes that use spears as ingredients (aka reboxing) are instant. (0.1 crafting time) Spear bags cannot be sold.

Thanks Saminal for helping him figure out how to go about this.

Known Balancing Issues

1) Crafting a spear into a bundle and unboxing it repairs it for free. That’s just how the game works. Think of it as incentive to use spears.

2) There’s nothing stopping someone from taking a quality 1 spear and boxing -> unboxing it into a quality 5 spear, provided they have the appropriate recipes unlocked. Again, nothing he can do about that so just consider it another perk for spears.

3) Upgrading spears as described in #2 would be a good way to increase sales for them. He chose not to lower spear prices as he felt like that would be overreaching the scope of the mod, and didn’t want to decide on a price for everyone, or prevent them from being sold altogether.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Tristam

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