DLX Weapons Fix – Aligned Sights, Aiming Directly From the Scope and More

7 days to die dlx weapons fix - aligned sights aiming directly from the scope and more, 7 days to die weapons

Welcome to DanyEr12LX’s mod project!

Back in 2022 he started this project with the the purpose to Fix all the Iron Sights of vanilla weapons! One day he just got tired of those nonsensical misaligned sights on the top of the Pistol, Hunting Rifle, SMG, Ak47, etc… and he started looking for a way to align them and improve the Model of the poor looking ones.

And when he finally succeeded, he certainly didn’t stop there! Over time, he studied a way to improve the weapons in its various aspects, from their Model and Textures to the Shooting System itself, he even managed to add New Components and those Mods (such as Retracting Stock, Magazine Extender, etc.) that are not normally seen!

At some point he decided to completely overhaul the concept of the Scope Aiming System, allowing the Player to use the Real Scope installed on all Vanilla Weapons rather than a small reticle drawn on a black background.

As he got the hang of it, he was able to add more complexity on the Movement System, making it more Interesting and dynamic.

In the future he plan to add more features to the mod, he certainly won’t stop there!

Since he is part of those people who had the chance to play and fell in love with this game from the very first Alpha 1 back in 2013 (the one that crashed every time after five minutes), he wanted to develop this mod as a tribute to the good old days!

The Mod currently works for Alpha 21. Keep in mind, because it uses libraries in order to work, it should not be EAC friendly! So he suggest to disable it, at least when you go MP!

➡️ Stay Tuned for more additions! ✔️



While developing this Mod is a really exciting hobby for him, this process also takes a lot of time and considerable effort. And often between work and study he confess that sometimes it is not easy to find free time to devote himself to this. Generally he never ask for donations and the like, but if by any chance you like what he’s trying to build, Please consider maybe buying him a nice coffee! (Yes, he’s a caffeine addict 👀)

You shouldn’t in any chance to feel obligated to do so, but if you do decide to do it he want you to know that is comes greatly appreciated. Donation or not, he would like to thank all the people from the heart ❤️ to all that download and use the DLX – Weapons Fix Mod! He is very grateful for you following him and the development of this mod! He hope you enjoy it! His intentions are to keep developing and supporting his mod indefinitely! Because he love this game and he want to try to improve it as much as possible!



  • Iron Sights have been shortened to the right height.
  • Scopes, Reflex, and Iron Sights are perfectly aligned.
  • Iron Sights that did not fit the weapon’s aesthetic have been replaced with a new model.
  • A Front / Rear Sight has been added in weapons where these elements were missing.
  • Meshes and the Textures of the back of the weapon have been improved so that quality is not lost during aiming.
  • The zoom on the Iron Sight has been set correctly.


  • Completely overhauled the Scope Aiming concept, removing the old zoom method based on a reticle in a black background.
  • You can now use directly the Scope installed on the weapon (In a COD-BF style).
  • It works on all Vanilla Weapons, and in theory could work on all weapons, given proper configuration of the XML “DLX-ConfigFile.xml” file.
  • A system has been created that makes the Scope System dynamic and interesting in terms of movement and lights/shadows on the lens.
  • Reticles are customizable in terms of Shape, Size and Color. Scopes of weapon are customizable separately!
  • Textures and Meshes have been Improved, so that you can aim with the Scope without losing texture quality.
  • An external lens reflects the environment in a dynamic way.
  • Scratches have been added to the right side of the Scope to help distinguish 2X, 4X and 8X Scopes.
  • The Background will be visible and slightly blurred when aiming with the Scope.
  • Zoom-when-crouch feature: when crouching the Scope zooms smoothly, reaching the full 2X, 4X or 8X.


A New System has been created that makes the Movement more dynamic and interesting when the Player looks around and shoots.


Models have been added for those mods that were not visible, such as the Magazine Extender, Muzzle Brake, Fore Grip etc…


  • Improved Weapon Fire and Weapon Reload Animations to make them smoother.
  • New weapon components have been animated, such as the Pistol Hammer, the Ak 47 Charging Handle, Lever Action Rifle Bolt etc…


  • Bullet shells coming out of the chamber have been added, visible both when firing from the hip and when aiming.
  • They dynamically interacts with the external environment.
  • Muzzle Smokes coming out of the chamber after firing have been added.
  • Muzzle Smoke remains several seconds after the gun is fired.
  • Muzzle Fire and Light, that illuminates the surroundings, have been added.


  • Remember that each scope (2X, 4X and 8X) of each weapon is customizable separately!
  • Here are the nine possible Reticle Shapes you can choose from.
  • Just open the file “DLX-ConfigFile.xml“, search for the term “Reticle_Shape” of the desired weapon and write the chosen Shape in the “value” parameter! (eg. <parameter name=”4X_Reticle_Shape” value=”Reticle_05“/>)
    • Reticle_00 Triangle
    • Reticle_01 Simple Cross
    • Reticle_02 Cross and Circle
    • Reticle_03 Open Cross
    • Reticle_04 German Reticle
    • Reticle_05 Open Circle
    • Reticle_06 RangeFinding
    • Reticle_07 Three Marks
    • Reticle_08 Three Marks and Circle
  • Same thing with the Reticle Color, which is written in RGB form (0-255, 0-255, 0-255).
  • Just open the file “DLX-ConfigFile.xml“, search for the term “Reticle_Color” of the desired weapon and write the chosen Color in RGB form in the “value” parameter! (eg. <parameter name=”4X_Reticle_Color” value=”255, 255, 255“/>)
  • Same thing with the Reticle Size.
  • Just open the file “DLX-ConfigFile.xml“, search for the term “Reticle_Size” of the desired weapon and write the chosen Size form in the “value” parameter! (eg. <parameter name=”4X_Reticle_Size” value=”2.22“/>)
7 days to die dlx weapons fix - aligned sights aiming directly from the scope and more additional screenshot 1
All the nine possible Reticle Shapes
7 days to die dlx weapons fix - aligned sights aiming directly from the scope and more additional screenshot 2
Here he show the Magazine Extender, Fore Grip, Bipod and Barrel Extender Mod of the AK47
7 days to die dlx weapons fix - aligned sights aiming directly from the scope and more additional screenshot 3
hehe brrretta ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  • Follow the link and Download the Latest Version.
  • Unzip “DLX – Weapons Fix [A21] 3.0.rar” into the Mods Folder (“\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods\“).
  • For safety purpose, Disable EAC
  • Play da game. 🔥


  • The Mod Author and Developer of this Mod, DLX Weapons Fix, is DanyEr12LX.
  • The Mod Author allows to use DLX Weapons Fix with or without any kind of modifications. Remember that all these are restricted to private use only unless otherwise indicated with the written consent of the Mod Author.
  • The Mod Author is not responsible for any damage and/or corruption of game files (including save files), that may be inflicted during and after the installation of DLX Weapons Fix.
  • The use, reuse, share, modification, copying, duplication and/or distribution of DLX Weapons Fix, all the files included DLX Weapons Fix and in the asset file, in any format and in any form, is prohibited outside of private use only unless otherwise indicated with the written consent of the Mod Author.
  • After having a written consent in any form from the Mod Author to do one of the aforementioned actions outside of private use, you are obligated to give appropriate credit to the Mod Author and provide a link to the original source of DLX Weapons Fix.


VERSION 1.1.96

VERSION 1.2.94

VERSION 1.3.36


It is with great joy that DanyEr12LX finally release to you guys the New Version of his Mod!

It has many new features, including an improved movement and aiming system!

First of all, it works with all Vanilla Weapons, and theoretically it could also work with weapons from other Mods, through a proper setting of the “DLX-ConfigFile.xml” configuration file. (he doesn’t know yet if he will post a video tutorial about it or develop a configuration wizard tool directly.)

Each Scope (2X, 4X, 8X) of Each Weapon is Customizable Separately! Please read the Mod Description to know what and how to customize your sights!


  • Scopes that work on all Vanilla Weapons.
  • A smooth progressive Zoom when the player crouches (complete with a Sound Effect).
  • A Scope Aiming System made more dynamic and interesting rather than static as in previous versions.
  • Same thing regarding the aiming system with Iron Sights.
  • A Movement System made more dynamic and interesting i.e. when the Player moves and rotates the view.
  • The Firing System has also been made more interesting.
  • The Distance of the Weapons from the Player’s face when he is not aiming has been corrected (eg. the Pistol smashed on the Player’s face).
  • He revised other vanilla Weapons (e.g., Pipe Rifle, Tactical Assault Rifle, etc…) by adjusting Meshes, Textures and adding Mods (eg. Magazine Extender, Barrel Extender, etc…).
  • Adjusting Mouse Sensitivity based on scope zoom.
  • Enabling the scope to follow the Parent’s Object (e.g., the Pipe Rifle while reloading).
  • Scratches on the scope lens can be disabled by going to the “DLX-ConfigFile.xml” file and set the “ScopeDirt” parameter inside “GlobalSettings” to “false.”
  • Correction for AK47 going out of range for a fraction of a second while start aiming.

In the future he will go over many other things regarding Recoil, Firing and Movement System!

Thank you all for your wait, he know it has been a long time, but he hope you can enjoy this new version!


He was pointed out by a comment that the sensitivity adjustment when aiming from Iron Sight and with Reflex had not been set. Well, now it is! Enjoy Version 3.0.2 ✔️


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: DanyEr12LX

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36 thoughts on “DLX Weapons Fix – Aligned Sights, Aiming Directly From the Scope and More

  1. The zoom sensitivity only works on weapons with a scope. When I dont have a scope and I aim (or zoom with a bow) , I have the normal look sensitivity. Is this a bug ?

    Love your Mod. One of the “musthave” mod 😀

  2. Im playing with the alpha 21.1 version of the mod and the Pistols hand grip is wood?

    any idea on how to change this to the default metal texture?

  3. Sorry I am stupid, I reread the page and found out that it does not update everything. Sorry it is working as expected.

  4. Hello, I am trying this with Izayo weapons pack, and it does not seem to work. Is this a mod where I should just choose which one I want? either Izayo or this one?

  5. i never knew that changing something a simple as an iron sight on a pistol would make this game that much beter lol i hope you fix the combat rifle next, the only way i can see it is to raise the rear sight with wither a sight raiser or more satisfying the attachable carry handle seen on the M16a4.

  6. Will this work with the Vanilla Expansion Weapons pack? I want to add just the weapons, this, and a map mod. I’m not well-versed in this kind of thing.

  7. I can’t seem to enable this to show the scopes properly. Is there something I need to change in the xml to make it work, or is it just maybe other mods conflicting?

    1. Nevermind. xP I’m stupid and didn’t pay attention that it’s only for a very few guns so far. I’ll keep my eye out for when more are released. I’m definitely looking forward to them, from what I’m seeing though.

  8. Seems to conflict with Plaebad Lever Action 44 turning the scope attached to it opaque red. Really love this mod, but also like the lever action to use .44 ammo. Thanks!

  9. I changed the reticle color of the 2x mirror from white to red.
    But he didn’t work, and he changed back to the original in the game…


  10. Kind modder, you are doing this community a great service. The unaligned sights have been triggering me.

    I look forward to the day when I can once again use the magnum without the fear of the front sights catching enough lift to achieve unrequited flight.

    I wish you great fortune on your endeavor.

  11. so i tested it and it works pretty good. one complain is the dusty lense effect and the red tone of the glass is really obscuring the vision, especially at night, but aside that the scopes are working extremely well and i’d wish other games would handle scoping like that, if screen-in-screen tech is too performance heavy to use.. because just zooming in close on a physical existing, well done scope is already working perfect like seen in this mod 🙂

    also – is there anything that can be done to prevent the animation shoving the scope/rear of the AK into the characters face / camera, when aiming down sights? this problem is also the reason i only play the ak with iron sights in vanilla… with this mod fairly more enjoyable too but i’d really like using reflexsights for some change. anyway.. i’m really hyped for the further developent of this mod and what it will have to offer, because the current changes are already a real quality-blessing to the game.. it’s amazing! thank you 🙂

  12. marry me…

    you fixed the game. seriously. I’ll download this and start it with my game and if this works like in the video, i’ll share the shit out of this mod. this needs to be the first entry when you google for ‘7 days to die mods’…

  13. Looks great.

    Only thing I would critique is the Chevron. It would be delightful if you added a normal + scope option.

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