Tactical Action (Tristam Edition)

7 days to die tactical action (tristam edition), 7 days to die ammo, 7 days to die melee weapons, 7 days to die weapons

All credits to IvanDX for the original mod. Tristam removed a lot of things to make it less of a headache since his a19 version. No more Screamer psychic powers or fat man exploding. He also removed biome changes and most items. It’s down to the guns now. The sights on the guns are a bit low atm. He will work on them later, but wanted to get this out the door for now.


(new) The Kriss Vector, Spas Shotgun, MP5’s, and Ump have all been successfully updated. Fully iron sight alignment and letter removal. Tristam also added a new Dev item that spawns all the TA mods for his sanity when it comes to testing everything. All the guns now properly slow you down when you reload and drain your stamina when you ads. Thanks MikeyUK. Tristam has also noticed the extra Garand’s he left in the file, but he won’t remove them yet to make it safe to update your game. He will remove them later down the line, though.

Centered the Ammo Bench.

Fixed a lot of the crosshairs when using mods on the guns. With very, very few exceptions. Known issue: M4A1 has one sight mod that causes it to become completely invisible. Looking into that. Big thanks to Roy-O-Roma, Ragnar, and magejosh for their contributions to the latest update.

Fixed most of the crosshairs. The ones that aren’t completely aligned only need minor adjustments. This does not include all scope mods. He’s leaving the crosshairs on untnil ALL the sites are perfectly aligned. The Ammo Bench now shows your backpack, and hides your compass for easier use. The name is also properly displayed as “Ammo Bench” rather than “ammobench”. Huge thanks to Ragnar and ate0ate for their contributions to this update. You can thank Ragnar for the scope updates, and ate0ate for the Ammo Bench changes.

Fixed some of the crosshairs but not all of them. Much work to do on that front. Tristam believe the new holdtypes threw everything off. If someone has a blanket solution, that would be ideal. Meantime, he will slowly patch them in. Be warned: the quality of the ADS has dropped since A19, due to the new ADS and hold changes that he’s not able to keep up with. He will do his best to make it functional as well as fashionable, but function comes first. Until this is done, He has enabled crosshairs on all weapons due to how off some of the sights are with some of the guns.

Tactical Action modders’ Resource for making your own ReClass recipes.

Compatibility Patches

Action Skills: Update with normal xp values. Original file had his testing values of 10x exp on. This is fixed now.

Added ReClass compatibility patch.

Download Tactical Action (Tristam Edition)
Download Compatibility Patch (for Action Skills)
Download Compatibility Patch (for ReClass) This adds TA weapons and ammo to the ReClass’s weapon token’s recipes.

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Tristam, IvanDX

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35 thoughts on “Tactical Action (Tristam Edition)

  1. Mod works flawlessly, much better integration than IvanDXs original in my opinion, especially since this version is more active lol. Can’t wait for the iron sights to be fixed, guns like the K98 are practically unusable without an optic or a laser lmao, this must be how stormtroopers feel. “I point my weapon in your general direction and pull the trigger until someone dies”

  2. TA Virus was the coolest infection ever that was brought into this game. What a shame that it was removed.

  3. Please ask Ivan to not change anything from this Mod for A20, I loved this full mod in A19, whoever doesn’t like certain mods can delete the files they don’t want or uncomment them. Keep this Mod the same way it was in A19, thank you.

  4. could someone kindly explain how the beacon works? the only video i found for it was in Chinese and i could tell what he was saying was important but there was no subtitles to help translate.

  5. Amazing mod. Works like a dream in singleplayer but whenever I try to put it into my server it says incorrect modinfo.xml, modinfo.xml not found. I have looked all over for a fix but have so far come empty-handed. Can anyone help me?

  6. Dope mod! I have been using it for my past two games and have had only a couple minor issues. One being that I downloaded a larger stacks mod and it seems that it works for all the vanilla stuff however I cant get the ammo from this mod to stack higher. Mainly the 45 acp ammo variants. They cap at 500 stacked. If someone kindly could teach me how to edit the stack sizes for the 45, 127mm, 50 caliber, and 556 ammos I would appreciate it. My only complaint with this mod itself is that it is a pain trying to attach mods to the weapons in game. A lot of the mods you would think would work dont work with certain weapons and I am realizing that a lot of these weapons from this mod wont attach to some guns at all. That and the fact there are like six different flashlight and laser attachment mods it is annoying af trying to figure out which one works with which weapon. A lot of them are labeled as pistol, rifle, smg, and so on but still some of the TA weapons wont take most attachments. Like the shotguns and pistols for example. The desert eagle wont accept magazine extensions and I have noticed that attaching suppressors affects the range on some weapons while not at all the others. The glock pistol for example, attaching a suppressor doesnt lower the range at all for it but attaching one to the desert eagle does. Kinda dissappointing that I cant increase the magazine size for a lot of these weapons either. All that aside this weapons mod has become a must have for me. I kind of want to get a melee weapon mod expansion as well but im not sure if they will conflict with this mod?

  7. Bonjours, avec un ami on arrive pas a se rejoindre. On a un ensemble de mod pour la alpha 19.3. Et on s’amuse bcp. Je suis tomber sur ce mod. Je l’ai testé en solo aucun problème. Mais il y’a un bug quand on essaye de se rejoindre la console s’ouvre avec pleins d’erreur. DOnc j’aimerai savoir comment on fait pour jouer a ce mod avec des amis.

  8. is there a way to change the key bind so the reticle doesnt change when crouching so annoying to crouch and then the reticle changes

  9. Nice update but guns still have the annoying Hologram but I’m not going to complain on this great mod, there is a problem with the whiling logging into the game, I keep getting a red text about “AWP” not available or whatever. I’ve looked into the XML and don’t know how to fix or what is up with that code for not registering “AWP”. Other than that it works.

  10. A quick fix for this is deleting the conflicting sound tags in either Mod’s sounds.xml. or you could rename all sounds to be distinct from eachother. I currently have this with firearms expansion 4.1, vanilla firearms extended, and a few ripped from the wasteland.

  11. This Mod is not compatible with other firearms mods, it causes problems were it searches for the same sound files twice, and guns from other packs have no sound.

  12. Fantastic mod. It seems you gave the sunflower mill and airdropL no associated loot tables in the loot.xml, causing them to bug out in game. Other than that and a few unaligned sights, it works great man; keep up the good work.

  13. I added this mod to the Romero Overhaul and when I tried to equip the winchester rifle (I’m 95% sure that was the weapon), the console dropped down and there were a couple of red highlighted errors. One or two of which stated problems with a bundle file.

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