Sticky Traps

7 days to die sticky traps, 7 days to die traps

There are 2 individual mods that can work together or separately. (May include 2 versions that aren’t completely invisible if requested enough)

One version “Sticky Trap” is be strictly a trap that slows players/zombies/animals when walked on. The other “Sticky Spike Trap” is the same trap but will cause damage to the players/zombies/animals when walked on.

The trap is “invisible” meaning it will replicate the same ground look you place it on. If not placed on the ground will default to the ground material of the biome.

It would be best to dig out where you want the trap if possible as the trap places the same as dirt does. It can be place on top of flat ground but will be a lump.

Zombies do not, atleast in Su1C1daL’s testing, attempt to go around or avoid these traps either.

Stickiness and/or damage of the traps can be customized in the mod to your liking.

Thanks to rewtgr for the extensive code testing and the modding community helping to find a way around the limits. Mulitplayer requires the client that is connecting has the mod installed or you wont see the images for the icons he added to the items in inventory.

Download Sticky Trap
Download Sticky Spike Trap

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Su1C1daL

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