New Vehicles by Telric

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This mod adds a few new vehicles. It adds a car with 5 different texture variations, two helicopters, and a biplane with 5 different texture variations.

The car is moderately fast but can’t go up inclines very well.

The helicopters work like helicopters. Pressing forward (the W key) will make you go upwards. You can tilt with the space bar and C button which will make your forward key propel you in that direction. You can also hover if you tap the forward button and no tilt.

The plane works like a plane. It has a very wide turning radius so turning on the spot is impossible. It is very fast so it’s a great way to get across the map quickly.

The mod does come with localisation. Just copy the contents of the included file into your localisation.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Telric

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