Telric’s Health Bars

7 days to die telric's health bars

A light weight mod that displays a rough percentage of health on your targets. This only appears after you have damaged them. This version uses the texture (created by Mumpfy) from the first health bars mod.

Does not require restart.

Requires client to install as well as server.

Tested and works with Alpha 20.4 (b42).


  • (new) Fixed an issue with double health bars for vultures on the healthbars mods. No need to restart world or anything.
  • Updated for A20.

Download for A20
Download for A19

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Telric
Special Thanks: Mumpfy

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8 thoughts on “Telric’s Health Bars

  1. I can’t get into the forum, is there a way of making this work with the Creature Pack and the Server Side zombies?

  2. I put in the mods folder and open the server, but it didn’t work, should I do something else to make it work?

  3. hi is there any way to make a mod to only display Hit damage but not a big health bar like this .
    only show a little number like we use to have in counter strike back in the day
    i searched alot and cant believe no body made this simple mod

  4. Awesome mod! Love it!

    Just one comment, there seems to be about a second delay between attacking something and its healthbar showing. Would it be possible to tweak the mod to make it instant, or near-instant?

    Thank you!

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