Telric’s Healthbars 2.0

7 days to die telric's healthbars 2.0

A light weight mod that displays a rough percentage of health on your targets. This only appears after you have damaged them. This version uses the latest texture that Telric created in a19, the blue one.

Video (from another mod in progress, comparing the two health bars):

Does not require restart.

Tested and works with Alpha 20.4 (b42).

Requires client to install as well as server.


  • (new) Fixed an issue with double health bars for vultures on the healthbars mods. No need to restart world or anything.
  • Updated for A20.

Download for A20
Download for A19

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Telric

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3 thoughts on “Telric’s Healthbars 2.0

  1. there’s no way to do it using the same health bar that appears when a twitch poll time appears? because then you just need to install it on the server right? (google translate)

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