Plaebad Lever Action 44

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This mod modifies the Lever Action Rifle to use .44 Ammo instead of the default 7.62 ammo. Now compatible with Alpha 21.

All item packs and quest reward bundles that give the Lever Action Rifle have been modified to include .44 ammo instead of the 7.62 ammo.

The base damage of the Lever Action Rifle has been slightly reduced to keep it from being too OP. The damage of an unmodded Lever Action Rifle with no associated perks is slightly higher than when using the 7.62 ammo but slightly lower than the comparable tier .44 handguns. No other changes have been made to the weapon.

This mod can be added to or removed from existing saves without any known critical side effects. It should be noted that if this mod is added to or removed from an existing save, any existing Lever Action Rifles may lose whatever ammo is currently loaded into them and that ammo will not be returned to the player.

This mod should work with any other mods that do not alter the Lever Action Rifle or .44 Magnum ammo.

If you prefer to leave the standard (7.62) Lever Action Rifle unchanged, you can download a standalone version, the Cowboy Rifle, that adds a new .44 version in conjunction with the standard Lever Action Rifle. You will then have both options. This standalone version can be downloaded from the alternate download link below.

DOWNLOAD Lever Action Rifle Replacement Mod (182 KB)
DOWNLOAD Standalone .44 Lever Action Rifle (80 KB)

Credits: Plaebad

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14 thoughts on “Plaebad Lever Action 44

  1. Hello folks,

    My apologies for a delay in responses here. I’ve had to take some time away.

    Regarding the questions on running from a server / multi-player, I can’t confidently answer that question as I only play single-player. My best guess is that it should work in multi-player but I, honestly have never tried it. Also, my thought is that it would have to be installed on both client and server as it does add new items to the game but, again, I can’t answer that with any certainty. I will work on setting up a server and test this out. I have no ETA on that testing but will post an update as soon as I know something for sure.

    Regarding any issues installing / using the mod, I’ve used it successfully on several different worlds. As long as the mod is correctly installed in either the local or global mod folders it should be loading and working without issue. I’ve confirmed that it works from either the local or global mod folders as noted below:

    Local mod folder:
    [Steam directory]/steamapps/common/7 Days To Die/Mods

    Global mod folder:

    Within either of those directories you should end up with a folder/file structure such as:

    For the replacement version:

    For the standalone version:

    Hopefully that is somewhat helpful. Let me know if there are continuing issues / problems.

    1. Hello Pleabad,
      I hope everything all good. So I installed your mod on my multiplayer game. it works but no one can see the icon but they see the level and if its moded in the inventory bag or tool belt.

  2. Hello Plaebad,
    thank you for the stand alone mod. works great for single player. I run a server form my computer is it possible to do this mod on multi player?

  3. Ich habe den Mod in Version A20 genutzt und finde den super,
    jetzt in ALPHA 21 funktioniert der Mod nicht mehr.

    In der Konsole ist kein Fehler eingetragen, was ist falsch?

  4. hello idk what i am doing wrong here but i downloaded this mod put it into my mod folder and still dont have .44 magnum amm for it please help

    1. Hello Mathew,

      The first thing to check is how it is installed. When you extract the downloaded zip file you will get a folder named 7DTD-LeverAction44-Master. In that folder you should find another folder named PlaebadLeverAction44. That (PlaebadLeverAction44) folder is what you want to put into the Mods folder. You should end up with a folder path something like

      C:\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods\PlaebadLeverAction44

      In that folder you should see a ModInfo.xml file and a Config folder.

      If that is how you’ve got it setup, let me know and I’ll see what else I can think of.

    1. That is doable. It will take a few days for me to build out the new weapon entries and get them tested. I’ll update when I’ve got something ready.

    2. Hello Thadeus,

      I’ve got a standalone version of the mod ready for you to try out. This version adds a new, separate, weapon that I’ve called the Cowboy Rifle. This is the same in-game as the current mod but is a stand-alone. The vanilla Lever Action Rifle is untouched by this mod.

      There is a new schematic for this weapon (same components as the Lever Action Rifle) and it has been added to the loot, trader, and quest reward tables. I have tested it in dev mode so everything should work but I haven’t given it a thorough run through in a standard world to see it show up on the traders, quest rewards, or loot drops.

      Be sure to remove the original LeverAction44 mod to restore the Lever Action Rifle to the vanilla state (although they can be used side-by-side).

      You can download this version from:

  5. Mod has been updated to apply bonuses from applicable Magnum Enforcer series books to the Lever Action 44. The bonuses applied are:

    – Volume 1: Do 10% more damage with magnums
    – Volume 3: The last shot in the chamber does double damage
    – Volume 4: Bartering with a magnum drawn gives you a 5% better deal
    – Volume 7: Sprinting with a magnum in combat uses 20% less stamina
    – Series Completion: Shots from magnums penetrate enemies

  6. Mod has been updated to correct issue of HP and AP 44 ammo damage not being properly applied. All three ammo types (regular, HP, and AP) should now apply the correct damage when loaded into the weapon.

  7. Hello,
    I’m sorry to hear that you are getting errors. What error message(s) are you seeing? The items.xml file validates and I have used it on several different saves in both A20 and A20.1 experimental without any errors coming up. Do you have any other mods installed? Also, what version are you running it in?

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