Telric’s Horses

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A very simple update to the horses mod. In this version, you can find horses in loot, as well as on traders.

  • There are a couple of issues when using in multiplayer, all cosmetic really.
    • 1: When another player is on their horse and are running (turbo mode), they do not display the running animation. Telric has no idea why as it plays the idle and walking animation fine, but the trigger just doesnt register the running animation.
    • 2: Other players’ horses tend to disappear for a half second or so when starting / stopping movement. He has attempted to lower it to as little as possible, but it seems not to want to go below a certain amount.

Does Not Require Restart
Client and Server Install
Alpha 20.6 (b49)

Arramus has kindly updated the A20 version of horses to work with A21. You can find the info on it here: Telric’s Horses A21


Long time since he actually released something, but he has updated the horses mod to a20, finally… It does come with a couple cosmetic issues in multiplayer. It works normally, but has a couple hiccups when changing animations at times. If he end up finding a fix for it, he’ll be sure to update, but for now it’s going as is. Try it out and let him know how it goes!


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Telric

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9 thoughts on “Telric’s Horses

  1. Is their a way to control the spawns. I have horses everywhere Its taking over the zombies. I would like the horse spawning to be 10 times less. Also I always have a horse near my bases spawning and all I hear is a horse sounds and it drives me nuts. Can we get the horse to whine 10 times less also. I think these adjustments would make the mod more realistic and so much better. Otherwise show me how to change these in the Xml file.

  2. why do all the saddles say use on brown horse? I had to pull a horse from cm to try because none of the saddles would work

  3. The horse mod hangs my server, the Console shows a ton of errors about some reference in the Horse mod. with A19 B169.

    I also have Alloc Mod, Server Tools, CPM, and War3zug car respawn.

  4. Nice Telrics
    Then I will try it out. It’s something that people have been waiting for. Everything that has to do with farming and animals are just great. You are the best

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