Vanilla-Expansion Weapons Pack

7 days to die vanilla-expansion weapons pack, 7 days to die ammo, 7 days to die weapons

4/4 of Izayo’s firearms mod pack.

  • Added 20 guns that uses game vanilla ammo
  • Added 1 new shotgun shell type = 12 Gauge flechette (add bleeding effect to the target)

Assault Rifle / Lmg (Machine Gunner)

  • AK-M = similar to the original game’s AK47 (7.62)
  • RPD Light Machinegun = high magazine capacity exchanged for -mobility similar stat to AK-M
  • Skal-H Battle Rifle = high damage base / bonus
  • Avtomat Kommando = Compact AK rifle that will give mobility bonus when carry (run and walk speed +)
  • M60 light-weight (new)

Sniper Rifle

  • M141/A = a semi automatic rifle uses 7.62 ammo (made from M1 model but let’s pretend it’s a M14)
  • SR-110 = a very high precision AR style semi-automatic rifle (7.62)


  • T1 S&W 9 = a 9mm. revolver, slower reload and fire-rate but higher in damage
  • T2 Lock17 pistol = you know what is it (9mm)
  • P229 = a cool pistol
  • M9 Samurai Edge Custom = gun from Resident Evil


  • SMP-40 = Based on German MP-40 used in WW2 (9mm)
  • SMP-5 /99 = MP5
  • AR-M9 = AR style sub-machinegun / 9mm.


  • GIMIB = Gun He Made In Backyard. Tier0 single-shot .44 magnum. Do not require Workbench to craft
  • Carbine 44 Revolver = a modernized revolver + lever rifle that shoot .44magnum (.44magnum)


  • M31 Hunter = a classic shotgun, low ammo capacity
  • 870 Police = a typical Police shotgun
  • M4 Terminator = a tactical semi – automatic shotgun (very cringe reload animation)
  • Saika-12 = AK style fully – automatic shotgun. Can be loaded with only normal shotgunshell (OP as F)

7 days to die vanilla-expansion weapons pack additional screenshot

Special Thanks

  • Demo’s Gaming. He reviewed Izayo’s mod and also help him with the xml. files. His YT channel.
  • BFT2020
  • Many free models from sketchfab
  • Sounds from L4D2, CSGO, BF series
  • Guys who teach him how to mod, use unity

Sorry about the size of his mods, every time he re-import to fix something, it will convert every texture files into .PNG which made these files get 2 – 4 times larger.


Update v3

  • Fixed something and added 1 new gun
  • Fixed T4 is too rare to be found in trader (from .4 to .8 or .9)
  • Fixed silencer noise value
  • Fixed M141A now can use x4 x8 scope
  • Added 1 new gun T4 M60 light-weight (trader exclusive)

Update v2

  • Added 11 new guns
  • Better balance
  • All the T4 guns now will be Trader exclusive, rare and expensive (for very late-game)
  • Fixed some sounds and names

Download v3 patch (require v2) from Mega (replace the old one)
Download v3 patch (require v2) from Google Drive (replace the old one)
Download v2 from Mega
Download v2 from Google Drive

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Izayo

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61 thoughts on “Vanilla-Expansion Weapons Pack

  1. Does this updated weapon pack conflict with any other or your weapon packs, like the 5.56 or 7.62 weapon packs?

    Is there any plan to release all of these weapon packs as a singular weapon pack? It will make it easier for my clients to install.

  2. Hi Izayo,

    First things first, thanks for an awesome weapons mod. Its really one of my fav 7dtd mods out that makes the game alot more enjoyable.

    One thing I noticed though, for the AR-M9, when I put mods on it, there is no damage bonus. Is this intentional? I noticed that other weapons like M9 Samurai pistol and M4 Terminator shotgun do still have damage bonus for each mod slot equipped. But the AR-M9 does not.

  3. Если бы вы сделали крафт оружия, еще на пару ступеней качества , до карсного! Как в моде ДФ и еще каком то, то было бы вообще супер!
    А урон всё равно увеличиваю :)))

  4. Idk if it’s just me but most of the weapons didn’t have a model, info, or sound but could still be used. Is there something wrong with how I downloaded?

  5. I downloaded all 3 mods mentioned above, but when I go to start a server it gives me this error. 166.556 ERR XML loader: Loading and parsing ‘recipes.xml’ failed. and under 166,560 EXC No item/block/material with name ‘ammoBlunderbuss’ existing. In single player he gives it only once. but everything seems to work, while in a server spams without entering these messages, someone would know how to solve?

  6. Hi I love this mod thankyou for adding the Samurai Edge too!
    I was wondering since you know how to mod 7Days if you want to make a Resident evil mod mainly that adds some of the bio weapons and Change sounds to be more like resident evil.
    When I play 7 days I always have resident evil music playing too but im tired of the zombie sounds and want more of a resident evil feel with Hunters\ lickers\ Tyrants etc.
    I can make some models in Zbrush but Ive only modded XML nothing major so IDK how to do everything with 7days.

  7. Hello, I love the weapons in this mod and I would like to make a suggestion or rather a request. Is it possible to have ads in PIP(Picture-in-picture) or atleast as a separate mod to be used with this mod so that the hud is visible and other stuff. If it is not possible than thanks anyway I love the mod itself.

  8. Hey hopefully you’ll see this I tried using this mod but I can’t use cause it shows up as a sheet of paper not ah file can you help I really want to try this mod

  9. I love the look the idea of this mod and really want to use it but the recoil on some of the automatic weapons is way too bouncy and unbearable for me. Maybe it’s more “realistic” but not fun to play with imo.

  10. Kels, Thankyou for the very detailed reply ! I’ll look forward to getting the spread just right for each gun/action

  11. Thank you for making this, I love all your weapon and ammo mods. One small comment on this Vanilla-Expansion mod: the shotguns all have infinite spread, causing them to be very innacurate, because the spread property is tied to the machingunner perk or not included at all (like with the saika).

    I added a horizontal and vertical degree spread property of “7.5” (with no tags) to the effect group of all the shotguns to fix it. Thanks again for your work!

    1. Hi Kels, I noticed the accuracy issue while using the m31 shotgun. Can you please tell me the exact line to add to make your fix and which XML file it is ?

      1. Hi Chris,

        This site won’t let me directly paste xml code but I can try to explain.

        In the items.xml file, there will be a block of code for each gun. For example, look for a line that starts with: item name=”T1shotgunM31″ (it will be enclosed in these things ). The next 100ish lines of code are all the properties of that gun item. You’ll see a line that just says /item which indicates the end of the properties for that gun.

        A big block of code right before the /item is the effect group. It will look something like effect_group name=”gunShotgunT2PumpShotgun” followed by a big list of passive_effect lines. You’ll need to add 6 additional passive_effect lines:

        passive_effect operation=”base_set” name=”SpreadDegreesVertical” value=”7.5″
        passive_effect operation=”base_set” name=”SpreadDegreesHorizontal” value=”7.5″
        passive_effect operation=”base_set” name=”SpreadMultiplierAiming” value=”.35″
        passive_effect operation=”base_set” name=”SpreadMultiplierCrouching” value=”.8″
        passive_effect operation=”base_set” name=”SpreadMultiplierWalking” value=”1.5″
        passive_effect operation=”base_set” name=”SpreadMultiplierRunning” value=”2.2″

        Make them look like the other passive effect lines, meaning there should be this thing ( ). A value of 7.5 for SpreadDegreesVertical and SpreadDegreesHorizontal makes it a bit wide. Set the number lower if you want the gun to be even more accurate.

        Technically you only need the first 2 of those passive effect lines. The last 4 just makes the gun more or less accurate while aiming, crouching, walking, or running

  12. Hi Izayo,

    i have a own month paid Server on 7dtd and wanna upgrade my server with this mod. Sooo would it work, if i do all things correct, like for example: this mod in steam file… and in my server mod file… EAC Server off and Launcher off….
    If the mod is correct installed then can it work on my nitrado server?

    1. Hi Exory, I got all the weapon packs working on my own rented server, just make sure to place them in a mods folder on the server, your own PC, and I assume any clients who join need to have the files too. The guns will then show up in crafting menu, loot and traders.

  13. I can’t repair your guns in the War of the Walkers mod. It has separate repair kits for different types of items. So their Weapon repair kit won’t fix YOUR weapons

  14. My friend keeps having this thing come up when we are playing saying something is wrong with the mod and the pictures dont show up for him

  15. I’m trying to use the silencer with the LOCK17, but there seems to be no noise reduction when used. Is there somewhat to edit the code to alter this? Same with the weapons from your other packs.

    1. I changed LOCK17 to use P229 silencer sound. it’s loud you may mistaked it as normal gun sound. you can change it in item_modifiers.xml, scroll down to the bottom and change at “T2pistolLock17” to what ever sound you like

      1. Thank you for the response. I do like the sound, but using the guns with a silencer still raises the noise meter in game as if I’m shooting without using a silencer. Is that also dependent on the sound or is that able to be changed in the files as well?

          1. Do you know if there’s a way to edit the config so silencers will work properly with the added guns?

    2. the old sound is “lock17_silen_fire” put it in sound_start and sound_loop , “lock17_silen_end” put it in sound_end

  16. Hello, sorry to ask again every time, but I don’t want problems and respect your work, so I would like to get permission to use your work again)

      1. Thank you for your efforts!!!))) I am learning to create models myself, but as soon as I created 1 instance, you are already releasing a WHOLE PACKAGE!))) This is very commendable! Of course, my mod is absolutely free and everything is for players!))))
        Maybe you don’t know, but there was a misunderstanding among the community, because of the language barrier, because of which it was considered that the mod “Back To Origins” was paid!(

  17. Hello Izayo. Thanks for the mods. However, the download links of all your mods are currently not working. Google Drive limit. Please upload your mods to places that don’t have limit issues like GitLab.

      1. Thank you. No problem. Your Mega link is working. 🙂 But we still can’t download your other mods. (except .45 ACP Weapons Pack) They don’t have alternative download links. Please upload them to Mega.

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