Terrain Treasures

7 days to die terrain treasures, 7 days to die loot, 7 days to die mining

This mod adds the ability to find random treasures and junk while digging. It also adds more resources to the stone terrain below the dirt (coal, nitrate, oil shale, and even diamonds and gold can drop when you mine the stone).

I plan to add more randomized loot in the future, but currently there is plenty of good stuff to find!

(Note: this mod also contains an increased drop rate on Sham Sandwiches. If you don’t want that, just delete the “loot.xml” in the mod, or rename it.)


Credits: Josh Brightwell a.k.a. Psychotoke (mod author), Vitrolic Wither (tester)

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5 thoughts on “Terrain Treasures

  1. Hey modder, I tested this mod to see if it works on Alpha 21, and sadly, it just resorts to errors and does not boot up the game when the mod is placed in the “Mods” folder in the appdata roaming 7daystodie folder. So I’m wondering if you would be kind to update this mod for Alpha 21 please? That would be nice.


    1. I’m not exactly sure how that works, so I might be wrong. All it is, is some appended xml files. Please note that the drops are set to very rarely happen. To make sure it is working, start digging with an empty inventory and dig out a large area (about the width of a small house). The drops are different for the top 2 blocks and what is deeper below. There are actually more things to find higher up, as I was going for immersion. For example, you are more likely to find jars and cans and such closer to the surface, and will not find those things in the rock layer. However, the rock layer is where you will most likely find diamonds or gold. Rocks are extremely common to find while digging in the dirt. So, if you find that you are getting some rocks while digging the top few layers, then the mod is working.

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