Experimental Recipes

7 days to die experimental recipes

This mod add in game many items/blocks/recipes and new capabilities like a fishing, takeble grass and some others blocks. It makes the game look like game.


  • 1448 items.
  • 159 new blocks.
  • New zombies and animals.
  • 1527 recipes.
  • 306 skills.


  • Extended blocks for construction.
  • Advanced Agriculture and Livestock.
  • Extended cooking.
  • The ability to recruit from gasoline refueling.
  • The need to wash
  • Fishing
  • Pick-objects.
  • Mod “The Master”
  • Tips Survivors (from 7DaysFan).
  • Extended ore.
  • Advanced Materials and ranking system materials.
  • Miscellaneous-metal armor, and tools.
  • New types of buildings, fashion “Prefabs-Compo-Pack” (from “Magoli”).
  • New Craft table.
  • Many skills

And a lot of more…

More description is in the ReadMe.

How to Install Mod?

  1. Download the archive mod.
  2. Open the archive of the mod and copy the contents to the game directory agreeing to the replacement.
  3. Run the game without anti-cheat.

How to Install the Patch?

  1. Download the archive patch.
  2. Copy the contents of the archive in the game directory, while agreeing on a replacement.
  3. Run the game

How Do I Delete Mod?

Go to the game options to the steam and click on “recalculate the cache.”


  • Files fashion spread only in .rar .zip or .7z No selfinstallers.
  • After installing the mod, if you have not played it, it is desirable to start a new game.
  • Run the game without anti-cheat, otherwise nothing will happen.

PS: Sorry for English, it’s not Sergant1000’s native language.


Mod updated to version 39.177


  • Added recipe for signed box.
  • Added growth stage to plant names.
  • Added seeds to the loot.
  • Added 43 plants from “FarmLifeV3” mod version 1.3.8b from “stasis”. Adapted for mod.


  • Changed the recipe for a wooden box.
  • Changed the size of the wooden box.
  • The number of active mines in the Wasteland biome has been increased.
  • Fixed mod characteristics
  • Added missing descriptions for mods.
  • Fixed plant names.
  • Fixed picking up universal frames.
  • The quality of the armor has been fixed.
  • Changed the skill “Dark Buyer”.
  • Increased stack of “Duke Chips”.
  • The improvement of the Gate from scrap metal to the box has been fixed.
  • Plants: Pear, Peach, Orange, Dates, Coconut, Cherry, Bananas, Avocado, changed to a tree like an apple.
  • Changed light bulb recipe.
  • Increased health loss from thirst and hunger.
  • Fixed bug when selecting a turret.

Also available on the mod launcher!

If you appreciate this work and you want to show support, please donate: QIWI: +79527902711

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Sergant1000

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3 thoughts on “Experimental Recipes

  1. The crafting menu is overlayed with other screens so i cant use the menu. And friends cannot join my server. I am getting a error root error not found

  2. It’s a lot of work, but I’m too meticulous crafting for me at first. It gets tiring after time. The need to wash up when in a generated world swarming with zombies and no water is a joke? I know you’ve worked hard, but a lot of work ahead of you 🙂

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