Tactical Weapons A21

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This is an update for the Tactical Weapons mod created by ViperInfinity for A20. Adds the following Weapons:


  • MK23
  • Colt 1911
  • USP 9
  • P99
  • Beretta 93R
  • Glock 18C
  • Desert Eagle
  • Raging Bull
  • Colt M1873


  • MP5N
  • MP5SD
  • UMP
  • KRISS Vector
  • Shotguns
  • M4 Super 90
  • SPAS12
  • S686
  • Saiga12K
  • AA12

Assault Rifles

  • M4A1
  • HK416
  • ACR
  • AUG A3
  • G36KV
  • SCAR L
  • SCAR H
  • M16A4
  • SA580SW

Machine Guns

  • Gatling Guns
  • M60E4
  • M249


  • Winchester M1894
  • Kar98K
  • M1 Garand
  • M14 EBR


  • M110
  • AWP
  • MSG90A1
  • M82A1

Explosive Guns

  • T1M79
  • China Lake
  • MGL140

Known Issues

  • KRISS Vector – Reticle too low
  • ACR Assault Rifle – Reticle Slightly too low
  • AUG-A3 Assault Riflt – Reticle Slightly Too low
  • M41 EBR Battle Rifle – Reticle Slight Too Low
  • M110 Sniper Rifle – Reticle WAY Too Low
  • AWP Sniper Rifle – Reticle WAY Too Low
  • MSG90A1 Sniper Rifle – Reticle comically low


Credits: Meatsack, ViperInfinity

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51 thoughts on “Tactical Weapons A21

  1. all mods for the weapons are named spanish. When we use e.g. MP60 with a scope there appears a blue big flag on the left side so you cannot shoot properly. this really sucks

  2. dont work with smx and nobody want patch it , we haven’t actually output for ammo bench and we can’t pick it when we have item inside , do not install this mod if u want play with smx skin.

  3. If Im hosting and have this installed and invite my friend who doesnt, will it work for him still like most mods or will he have to install it too like some more advanced ones. PLEASE RESPOOONNDDDD FAST

  4. The author of this version stopped further work on the mod, since the original author from China (IvanDX) released an update to his mod for version a21

    But all the bugs that were fixed by this author are now not fixed in the original mod.
    This is terrible.. why are there so many authors who can’t finish this mod?
    they all repeat each other’s mistakes.

    All sights work in the original mod, but a lot of unnecessary junk is added in the form of dozens of food recipes or colored glass and lighting effects, even a music radio

  5. How do you disable the blue screen that pops up and blocks your sight every time you switch back to the weapon??? Highly annoying when you can’t see what’s attacking you.

  6. Well this mod has many issues cause the modding guys have no clue how to change it Localisation in all weapons is 7.62mm guns xD if u upload a mod then make sure it works all fine or leve it to someone who can! Copy paste the mod and hope it works without testing is not good! But i like this mod too the localisation i have already fixed all now i keep working on weapons and scopes itself dunno when im done with this but i keep it on! and pls dont put ur fingers to the mod to make it playable for A21 if u have no clue 3 different modders take the work of eacht otehr an all 3 taking the mistakes of the modder before with it no words! Just left it off and start make a CLEAN Mod thats what i try to do now but i cant promise anything :/ I managed to get other gun mods to work like the FN 57 and P90 bur this mod is so Broken cause 3 different modders making mistakes and copy the mistakes by her own ….

  7. This mod is busted. Scopes will leave a large square over your screen for a few seconds and then disappear. This happens every single time you equip the weapon so it’s unplayable.

  8. Dope mod but unfortunately I (and also my friends who I recommended this mod to) aren’t able to craft anything past a tier 1 gun from the bench. Other than that would definitely recommend it.

    1. thats because this is just the A20 mod the guy upped as “A21” for internet rep. Consider it broken unless someone properly updates it. Check out Izayo’s weapons in the meantime he is actually updating his mods to A21

  9. Have any of the known issues been resolved? I’ve found that some guns like the 1911 pistol are unable to accept a silencer or sound suppressor, loading animation on the double barrel shotgun (minor things). Will those be corrected? Over all though awesome mod, keep up the good work.

  10. I just installed this on A21 dedicated server, requires both server and client install. The guns show up in the creative menu. I haven’t checked the stats of the guns yet or reported issues of the scopes etc – will do that next time we play.

  11. i cant find any schematics or anything. all weapons are only lvl 1. i can buy them from the trader in other levels. very strange. any clue why?

  12. yo i downloaded this mod and wanted to know if the weapons can be spawned from the creative menu or if they needto be found or crafted if it the second where can i find them and/or how do i craft them

  13. is it a server side or client mod? i have a hosted server with a friend and i can draw it and use normally but once my friend draws it “null reference” error pops up for him. he wont be using the weapon until we can confirm if its client or if its safe to use even if the error pops up

    1. I need it for both the server and the client, is it in there?
      If it’s still wrong, start the download over again.

  14. When I equip the scope, the sight is off, is there a plan to fix it?
    I’ve been suffering from the same symptom since alpha 19.

  15. i can craft level 1 of some of the guns, but im not sure how i can craft level 5 stuff? any ideas?

  16. got tons of ammo but idk what weapons use them. tried smg and rifles they use regular ammo not the special ammo

  17. Seeing a few issues with this right now with the optics having a red square in the middle, and at least one has no reticle (can’t think of the name of it but the one that folds to the side). They also have a big logo for the mod that appears in the middle of the screen sometimes when equipping optics. Is that intentional?

    Needs some fixes to be usable.

  18. The scopes for this mod throws off a blue screen when you attach scope to the gun and some scopes you can look through

  19. Id like to try and fix some of the issues or take a couple of the heavy weapons to make a new mod pack. Who should I talk to about using this mod for myself?

    1. as i was using this mod for my A19 server i ask the creator of the mod (it is a Chinese Man) to work with this mod for my own and he says i can do it cause he have no more time to keep it up to date so go on and do what u think u need to do if u really can work with it! 🙂

      1. Can you please tell me how to reach out to the creator?

        I tried decompressing the alt file in the ressources folder and exporting the individual GameObjects to fix/edit them in the Unity Editor, but no matter which data format I try, Unity Editor doesn’t recognize the files as valid assets.

        The issue might be, that the creator used an older version of the Unity Editor, and I need to find out which version it was or if there is a way to edit them that I haven’t found out yet.

        Best regards

  20. Hi,I don’t know if I was wrong…but it seems I can’t craft it even I already got the blueprint and enough materials…

  21. The damage of the mod weapons don’t increase with mods like vanilla weapons do, with the already weak stats, 90% of the weapons in this mod are quite useless. Don’t get me wrong, they look awesome and feel awesome to use, but the stats render them quite useless, especially when they are difficult to find and require schematics instead of skill to craft.
    The explosive weapons are pretty good, and the M82a1 is quite OP with its 300 or 500 dmg. I hope there can be some tweaks and bugfixes, like fixing the weird hand position when holding other items.

    1. how does one make the weapons a higher tier, cuz I am quite new to 7d2d and even newer to this mod, and am currently trying to get my P99 to a higher tier, but don’t know how, any help be much appreciated

  22. Does this actually work on a server? I tried multiple times to use tactical weapons on a dedicated server and single player but could never get it to work on a20 dedicated servers but it would work great on my single player saves, hoping it’s different this time around.

  23. There seems to be a bug with this mode that the hand are positioned weirdly when holding items and guns

  24. Im having an issue where the scopes are a solid color and i cant see through it, makes the scopes useless, which is saddening, i know i don’t have any other weapon mod installed so idk what could have broken it

    1. I’m having the same problem. Seems to be an issue with the mod itself. It’s unusable until the optics are fixed.

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