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  1. Hello i used the version 21.2 (b30) and this mod dont working : (

    when i starting the game i have message who say “the code cheat is no enable with anti cheat actived, you want restat the game with anti cheat off ?” i say yes, the game restart, i start my solo game and when i open dew collector, is always limited by 3 slot…

    you can update the mod for the 21.2 (b30) please ?

  2. (update) it works with multiplayer as long as the host just has it installed if you also have it installed it will freeze you into the the dew collector hud the host also needs to place the dew collector for the 64 slots to show up then your friend can enter and exit the dew collector without issues it seems.

  3. This mod can be loaded and unloaded fine for singleplayer worlds but if you try to open someones dew collector in their world your game will become frozen and the world will become permanently damaged even after unloading the mod. Do not use this for multiplayer at all unless the author fixes it. Works perfectly fine for singleplayer and like i said can be loaded and unloaded at any time perfectly fine.

  4. In A21 I see there is an IndexOutOfBounds Exception for this when I try to use the DewCollector. I was going to debug, but I can’t with the DLL. I’ve never modded before so I don’t have all the tools setup.

    The problem I see is that I can go up to the dew collector when it is empty and if I try to get out of the menu it freezes. If there is water in it the window works correctly.

    I can press my crafting window and whatnot, but it still persists below it.

    If I use the xui close command it doesnt work.
    If I use the xui open command and close all others it opens the target, but does not close the dewCollector instance

    1. Having the same issue, thought it was because of SMX maybe. Looked into the mod to make it compatible, only to find out bro ripped the dll from the 10 dew collector mod. Might be the issue.

  5. A “quality of life” mod. Thank you.
    With the game started you have to pick up the collector and replace it so that the 64 slots appear.

  6. I forgot I am using a non standard ui. However I don’t know why it is still broken after removing it and starting over.

  7. This seems to have broken my game. After placing a dew collector I am unable to move. I uninstalled the mod and the collector was still broken so I deleted game and started over. Even with mod removed and new game the same thing happened with the dew collector.

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