LiteNetLib Timeout Patch Release

7 days to die litenetlib timeout patch release

jasonmbrown threw this mod together for a friend who plays on an Integrated GPU. Basically after 20 minutes of playing when you open a chest the game unloads unused assets, if this process takes 5 seconds or longer, the server will kick you.

This mod is specifically for use between a dedicated server and the players. Essentially if the players log, unloads the assets and then disconnects. This is a temporary work around. Very little is changed and so he expect it to be compatible with future versions, assuming it hasn’t been fixed in the base game.

It is required by the server, and any player who is getting dropped for opening chests. It is optional for everyone else.

He is also in the process of fixing the Unload assets lag spike (this timeout patch is just a temporary fix)


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: jasonmbrown

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