7 Days to Die Backup and Mod Manager v2.0

7 days to die backup and mod manager, 7 days to die applications

This installation consists of two applications. 7D2D Game Save Backup Utility by hip63 and Generic Mod Enabler (Mod Manager) by Jonesoft.

7 Days to Die Game Saves Backup Utility

7D2D can be an entertaining game but the fact that the game’s save files can be easily corrupted in some cases and therefore potentially ruining many hours of progress is quite frustrating. The options for trying to repair already corrupted files are limited and does not always work (as in my case). Even if the recovery methods work, you will still lose progress and it may even introduce bugs in the save. This app tries to mitigate these issues by creating a full backup of all your games save files each time you start the game. This app even keeps the previous backup as an extra precaution.

JSGME Mod Manager

The JSGME Mod Manager was created years ago to allow the management of mods for nearly every game imaginable. To this very day, I still have not found any software that does the task any better. It is very user friendly and freely available with permission is granted fordistribution. It’s a nice bit of kit.

7 days to die backup and mod manager additional screenshot

All packaged in nice installer.

Game version: Any version


Credits: hip63, Jonesoft

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