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Manage your mods smarter by having an in-game tool to help manage all your Mod Settings and Updates through one interface, the Mods menu.


  • Mods List/Settings UI accessible from the main menu. Enable/Disable and customize mod settings from mods that support the Mod settings API.
  • Game mod list compatibility checking. Ensures you don’t load a save with the wrong set of mods.
  • Better error handling. Shows a user-friendly dialog box with the option to copy/ignore the message instead of spamming the in-game console with no way to close it.
  • Mod version checking. Get notified if any new mod updates are available, as well as get compatibility updates about old/new mod versions with the current version of the game installed.
  • Custom Mod Loader. Load mods from multiple directories (as well as the new default %AppData%\7DaysToDie\Mods and the old 7DaysToDie\Mods program folder).


Download and extract the zip containing latest release into the Mods folder.

Client-only: Disable EAC so the game can load the Mod Manager DLL.

Settings can be modified in the Mod Manager Settings Tab in the Mods menu.

Mod Support

SMXmenu Support: DOWNLOAD (2 KB)


You are already showing a lot of support just by enjoying the mod, but if you really appreciate FilUnderscore’s work and want to show extra support in the form of a donation, feel free to buy him a coffee on Ko-fi.

Mod Developers (API)

The Mod Manager includes its own APIs to integrate with mods (C# currently, XPath/XML support coming soon).

Currently Including

  • Mod Manifest API that allows your users to check for new mod versions within the in-game Mods menu
  • Mod Settings API to allow users to customize settings without needing to restart their game (and the UI is handled all by the Mod Manager).

The API is written as a wrapper that can be included in your project as a source file, which allows for optional Mod Manager support – meaning no errors will be thrown if the user chooses not to use the Mod Manager with your mod).

More information about the API can be found here.


7 days to die mod manager additional screenshot 1

7 days to die mod manager additional screenshot 2

Mod settings support with Improved Hordes.

7 days to die mod manager additional screenshot 3

7 days to die mod manager additional screenshot 4

7 days to die mod manager additional screenshot 5

Mod Manager 1.1.0 for A21.1 b16 Released



  • Tooltips for Mod tabs in Mods menu.
  • Banner and Icon support for Mods in Mods menu.
  • More detailed build metadata support for Mod Versions following SemVer versioning.


Mod Settings not working for Mods using the Mod Manager Settings API.


If you appreciate FilUnderscore’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: FilUnderscore

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14 thoughts on “Mod Manager

  1. Just got this today, but I’m unable to get past the main menu because it messes with SMX’s main menu UI, putting all the customized buttons from SMX in a single spot, overlapping with each other and making them unclickable as well.
    Mod Manager will work once I disable the SMX menu, but the vanilla main menu’s too boring. Also can’t seem to access the Settings tab of Improved Hordes no matter how many times I clicked on it.

    1. Additionally, Improved Hordes 2.0.0 beta does not currently support Mod Manager, but support will be re-added closer to stable release of 2.0.0. It was not at the top of the priority list at the time.

      1. So that’s why there’s no settings for Improved Hordes. Thanks. As for UI mods, the only one I’m use is SMX. I guess I’ll just skip on using Mod Manager for now. Kudos on Improved Hordes though, I enjoyed using it as it keeps me on my toes. I remember dying on a tier 3 POI when I got cornered by a combined horde with just a spear and a crossbow on me lol.

        1. Do you have to drop the mods into the mod manager folder? I got your mod to work but, nothing else is working with it. Maybe I`m just an idiot but, Idk what I`ve been doing wrong. I `ve been trying to trouble shoot this myself with no success.

  2. I figured it out. You have to turn off EAC to get it to work. From Steam, click play and open the game launcher. Uncheck Easy Anti Cheat.

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