Re-Box Ammo

7 days to die re-box ammo, 7 days to die ammo

A simple XML mod that allows the player to repack loose ammo into boxes. Covers all bullets and shotgun shells ATM. I may add support later for arrows and bolts.

The ability to re-box ammo is tied to the skills that allow you to craft boxes of ammo. Basically if you can craft a certain box of ammo, you can re-box that same ammo.

Limitations – Re-boxed ammo can not stack with crafted boxes and re-boxing ammo takes that same amount of time as crafting boxes. To re-box ammo requires a workbench, 100 rounds of the ammo plus 2 pieces of paper. Since it is XML only, it can be pushed from servers.


Credits: hip63

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2 thoughts on “Re-Box Ammo

  1. A single item can have multiple recipes, so you should just rename your recipes to the vanilla items to make them stack.
    Additionally, you need to add the learnable tag to make the recipes locked, right now they have the unlock information but aren’t actually locked. You should probably also add the workbenchCrafting tag so that engineers can benefit from their crafting time boost.

    If you’re using the vanilla names you won’t need to edit progression.xml.

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