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A surprisingly intact BRDM-2 military vehicle! Slow speed and poor handling, but holds a lot of fuel.

7 days to die brdm-2 additional screenshot

All mods that add new assets must be installed on server and client!

You are not allowed to redistribute Bdubyah’s mods without permission. This includes any assets from a mod, or the entire mod itself.


  • (new) Fixed vehicle sounds copypasta errors.
  • Fixes for vehicle changes made in b323.
  • Updated for A21.
  • Fixed fuel resetting issue due to reserve tank mod pushing capacity too high.
  • Updated for A20.

DOWNLOAD for A21 (11,1 MB)
DOWNLOAD for A20 (10,4 MB)

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The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Bdubyah

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