2 thoughts on “Rolling Door

  1. OK, so i FIXED it easy :)))
    As i thoug – the TITANIUM POLISH doesnt exists in the game anymore !!!
    So if you want to use this mod, you need to do this :
    EDIT the file “recipes” in Notepad and find in it this : “ingredient name=”Titanium Polish” and change it to : “ingredient name=”resourceForgedSteel” – the save the file !
    And DONE :)))

    PS : if youre using the mod “MaxDamage” then the HD rolling Door will have 50000 hitpoints instead the 15000 as default made with Titanium Polish :)))


    I got RED ERRORS by loading map with this mod now …
    I think the TFP removed the titanium polish from the game completelly now !!!
    And i thing i can edit the RECIPE in this mod to get the door from standart steel and get the mod works again…let´s see :)))

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