Cpt Krunch’s 4k RWG Map ‘Lando v2.0’ A19.1 CP46

7 days to die cpt krunch's 4k rwg map 'lando v2.0' a19.1 cp46, 7 days to die maps

4k RWG Map made using Nitrogen, Unity, and a few other applications. This map was built with Compo Pack 46, and requires it to be installed on a clean copy of 7DTD A19.1.

Cpt Krunch has also included some of his favorite mods to accompany the map. Install instructions, along with Mods and Map detailed included in install.

He know almost all of the modders who have given him permission to use their work in this modlet, but there are a few he could not reach, if you would like your mods pulled from any of these packs he’s putting together, please let him know and he will pull them. He make zero money on the packs and do not ever sell others work.

He has not taken any pieces from existing overhauls, or modified the included modlets in any way.

He HIGHLY recommend locking both your Server and Client to 19.1 if you intend to keep both the map and the mods going up until the next update.

He has added these mods for install simplicity and version uniformity for both Single and Multi Player.

Stand alone version of the map is also available, but still requires Compo Pack 46.

Fairly simple map with 4 highways, some RWG and some hand placed area, with a hand painted biome file.

This is not a high polished Official Map release and the Snow Biome is blah, but he has updated quite a bit from the old A18 version, and it will provide a fun adventure with good performance on a small map.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Cpt Krunch

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