Vanilla Firearms Extended Patch A19

7 days to die vanilla firearms extended patch a19, 7 days to die weapons, 7 days to die ammo

This is a small patch that makes the “Vanilla Firearms Extended” mod created by Sykriss compatible with the alpha 19.

While playing I found the problem that the mod weapons could not be created in the new alpha, so I started to check the files and found the problem.

Very Important

It is required that you download and install the original mod that you will find here.

Tested with Alpha 19.1 (B8)


Download and install the original mod normally, then download the patch and paste it inside the folder where you installed the original mod replacing. Example of the 7daystodie / mods / Vanilla Firearms Extended path. By default there you will paste the “patch” folder.

I did this because I couldn’t find another weapon mod that would add as many as this, i don’t really know how to edit or create mods, just look at the xml and replace.


Credits: Sykriss

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11 thoughts on “Vanilla Firearms Extended Patch A19

  1. Works almost perfect…
    Only 2 issues :
    1 – the weapon M1-9 Carbine – it has no damage to zombies ! It shows me 47damage but i can not shoot any zombie with it…
    2 – the weapon AK-101 is not working for me, on standart offline Navezgane map ! I dont have icon for it, and if i select it i get RED ERROR in console, and the weapon doesnt show in hands…
    By testing i had no other weapon mods !
    Have unpacked the original mod from a18 and the rewrited it with your patch as you write here.

    1. Yes, I didn’t test them before editing but I did correct some details.
      In the same mod topic on the forum, another user posted an “item.modifiers” that fixes some bugs. At least in my case I saw that the mods of anything had cost 0, after putting that file it was fixed.
      I don’t know what to tell you about the M1-9 Carbine, I have to check the xml, let’s see what’s wrong, I’m not very skilled at this
      1- As for “ak101”, it’s easy, you must go to the mod folder, in “Resources” there should be a file called “ak74.unity3d”, you just rename it to “ak101”. Then you go to the folder “\ UIAtlases \ ItemIconAtlas” there you will see an “ak74.png”, you rename it equal to “ak101”. With that you fix the weapon skin and its icon.
      Also another thing that I found is that in that same folder there is a “38 scramble”, however that is useless, since it is not described in the xml, nor does it have the skin. And the 45 revolver that is not enabled, for that you have to open the “recipes” of the mod, search for “gun9mmrevolver”, you will find two, the second is renamed to “gun45revolver” and that would be it.
      I will continue testing the mod well to upload a final patch that fixes everything that I can fix

      1. THX i renamed the wrong AK74 to 101…will see if it works, but i think it should.

        But the gun9mmrevolver i found in the recipes only once ! And second was already named gun45revolver…so i think thats already ok…

        And the third named 38 scramble i didnt found anywhere in the mod…so maybe i got some other version, i dont know and i dont care :))) what works, that i use :)))

      2. Tried this, but the AK101 corrupted my savegame.
        Restarting a new one and loading this weapon in displays several errors.

        Might just want to disable this weapon for now.

        1. I have found the issue,

          In file ‘config\items.xml’ line 1951,




          or refactor every instance of ak101 back to ak74 with the exception of the name.

          The second parameter in the model string specifically speaks to what ‘rig’ the game needs to find in the unity3d model file.

          So it was looking for something that doesn’t exist, which can seriously do some weird things to your program.

  2. 555/5000
    Edit: After sending this “patch” I started to review the forum topic about the original mod, and I found that in the comments a user also made an adaptation of the original mod for the alpha 18, I recommend using that one since I managed to correct the “loot.xml” in addition to the “recipes.xml” that are affected by the alpha change. In this publication the loot.xml is not very well adapted. The link to the forum topic here:
    They need to register to be able to download the files

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