US Eastern Map

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My first custom map created to play with my friend on a dedicated server. It was my first time taking the game to a server since started playing in 2020, so it’s not extremely accurate.

I scaled the map wrong in KingGen so 90% of NYC was blown off by a plate-tectonics of KingGen’s renderer. I also mismatched height-map with elevation scale used by KingGen so sea level was raised to put coastal areas under water.

I used U.S. topographic map downloaded from USGS.

Download Google Drive File
Download Google Drive Folder

Credits: VA1090528KO

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14 thoughts on “US Eastern Map

    1. Sorry, scaling the US map into 7DTD size basically made all rivers too narrow to be recognized by the renderer. I think I’ll try to pick a city next time so I would be able to have a river.

    1. Hi, here is a link to an instruction video that is about 3 minutes long.
      It was originally made for A17 but I don’t think it changed since then.
      For servers, unless you are running your own server, most hosting services have a map uploader on their website. You just need to compress the entire folder you downloaded from the Google Drive into a “.zip” file, then upload it on the hosting service website.

    1. I’ll try. It’s going to be my second time making a custom map, so it may take some time. First, I’ll have to find a topographic map of Syria/Iraq. US maps were easier to find from US Geological Survey website but it was still quite hard to find black&white topographic map with raw elevation data without added colors and labels.

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