Crafting Tier – Crafting Perk for Combiner

7 days to die crafting tier - crafting perk for combiner, 7 days to die perks

Credits to Lam for framework of this mod. When used with Lam’s Master Mod, adds a new perk, Crafting Tier, under the Lam tree that adds 1 crafting quality per tier. So on a new game, 1 rank will make all your weapons craft at level 2. Stacks with default perks, so a Tier 1 in Deadeye and Tier 1 in Crafting Tier will produce Level 3 Perception Weapons.

With this mod, you can craft level 6 weapons, but it’s really for mods that grant workbenches the old combine function. Without this mod, you will only be able to combine items up to a certain level. Usually 4 or 2. Now you can go all the way to tier 6 if you so desire. Costs 2 points per rank until rank 3, in which it becomes 3 points.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Tristam, Lammetje

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