Murky Dew

7 days to die murky dew

Dew collectors produce murky water, but no heat.

Many people believe dew collectors should not add heat to the heat map, which is reasonable. But without generating heat, dew collectors are somewhat overpowered, especially with “farms” (multiple collectors) passively generating potable water.

This seems like a good trade-off. Heat will still be generated, but it will be generated by the campfires that are used to boil the murky water.

Since the water from dew collectors must be boiled to be potable, dew collector farms will be less passive and overpowered.


  • Dew collectors produce murky water, which must be boiled in a cooking pot to produce clean water.
  • Dew collectors no longer produce “heat” for the heat map.

Technical Details

This mod uses XPath to modify XML files, and does not require C#. It does not contain any additional images or Unity assets.

It is safe to install only on the server.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Khzmusik

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3 thoughts on “Murky Dew

  1. Really useful for new not so hardcore players ! Thank you so much. Its wild how much zombies are attracted by heat. And its actually cool to have it to be boiled, makes it more realistic. Despite filtering one should never trust an unboiled water in RL haha

  2. Dew Collector: needs Water Filter to be crafted
    Bro: No heat but murky water 🙂
    At least change the recipe, duh

    1. I think you are more than welcome to make your own mod to your liking. I’m sure suggestions are welcomed but I see no need in being childish about it.

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