Voidsights’ Vanilla Tweaks

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My first modlet for 7 Days to Die which opens up some un-craftable items, retweak stacknumber and added some early game weapons. (uses vanilla assets only)

Stacknumber Increased:

  • Meds/drugs/candy/food/drinks – 50
  • Resources (cement, concrete, mechanical parts, gunpowder, glue etc.) – 6000
  • Crops (potato, corn, etc.) – 500
  • Gun/armor/tool parts – 500
  • All ammo type – 1000
  • Junk Ammo – 5000
  • Trowables (granade, molotov, etc.) – 100
  • Jar (empty/dirty water) & empty can – 1000
  • Dukes – 30000

7 days to die voidsights' vanilla tweaks additional screenshot 1

Crafting Unavailable Items: (did not include solar banks, solar panels, testosterone, honey, can goods, etc. to balance the crafting)

  • Candies (atom junkies, eye kandy, rockbusters. etc.)
  • Meds & Consumables (Painkillers, vitamins, megacrush, blood bag, sham sandwich etc.)
  • Resource (acid, diamond, rottingflesh, mechanical parts, sewing kit, brass, polymers, etc.)
  • All types of arrows may be crafted by using feathers or polymers which includes the bundles

7 days to die voidsights' vanilla tweaks additional screenshot 2

Blunderbuss Festival:

  • 6 New early game/mid game weapons using vanilla assets – each weapon uses blunderbuss as a base recipe except crossbow
  • Added new ammo type (AP blunderbuss, brass ammo, stone ammo) – only for the new weapons
  • Added 2 mods for melee and tools (different modlet will be made)


  • Must be used on new playthrough – old saves resets your level and probably the map
  • May clash with other mods using stack number and recipes
  • And I’m still learning (not a coder ^_^)


V 1.1

  • Fixed crafting time
  • Fixed ammo use for new weapons (blunderbuss festival)
  • Added T2 stun baton (circuit baton)
  • Added material (brass wire)
  • Added 1 mod for block damage (circuit parts mod)
  • Other minor changes

V 1.0 – Modlet release


Credits: Voidsights

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