Day of the Dead Mod

7 days to die day of the dead mod, 7 days to die overhaul mods

The intent of this mod is to create a world with a much higher population of regular zombies, more consistent with what you find in a Day of the Dead universe.

Burnt zombies, Spider zombies, Animal Zombies, and other zombie types that do not fit the Romero-world have been replaced. The overall population of regular zombies has been increased, and smaller but more frequent Hordes will cruise around, making life difficult. In the Romero tradition, you will need to focus on taking them out with headshots, since they are more resistant to damage elsewhere.

You will have plenty of extra firepower, with an armada of over 60 new weapons to find or build, and 30 new vehicles.

Each new player is given a Starter Crate with guns, ammo and supplies to help survive the first few days.

Download Client Install for 19.6
Download Dedicated Server Install for 19.6
Download SMX UI Patch (apply if you are using SMX – this work on both above Installs)

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Vampiricon, KhaineGB, Skyriss, Smadol, Bdubyah, Oblivion, Hesbic, Almond, and many others.

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