Radios Mod

7 days to die radios mod

A mod that adds a 3 new radios into the game. The jukebox and RA801 show video from the .mp4 files, the old radio hides the video inside. These use .mp4 files just like the video players. It’s just new models per user requests.


This is a modlet. Normal modlet install. If you swap out any of the videos, they must have the exact same name and file extension as the one you’re replacing. Those names are hard coded. It won’t like strange .mp4 encoding so keep it simple.

This is tested to work on dedi as well.


Updated for latest experimental.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Xyth

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6 thoughts on “Radios Mod

  1. Perfect! I wished that the sound would, as the noisy Auger, atract zombies, too. Penalty must be, no time for parties. 😉

  2. Initially none of these work, but start working once you try and use a wire tool on them – expected behaviour ?

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