Merric’s Marauders 10k for Darkness Falls

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Here it is guys, Merric’s Marauders 10k for Darkness Falls. Very special thanks to Kamaka from the Merric Game Community for the map donation!

Requires Darkness Fall 3.4, as well as Cpt Krunch’s mod, which includes the map, as well as extra prefabs that he has added specifically for this map.

All traders are present, water traders, 2 large quest areas, custom prefabs, and plenty of hand made places for you to explore!

7 days to die merric's marauders 10k for darkness falls additional screenshot

Note: If you experience any issues with player falling through map, this is NOT directly related to this map, and is a known bug in Darkness Falls itself. This is caused by the Cave Mod, and can be disabled without breaking save games.

If you experience this issue, please use the forum link or DM him directly, and he can walk you through the fix, which is very easy and wont affect your saves.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Cpt Krunch

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