DBock’s Fences and Gates

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My first mod bringing new chain link fences to the game.

I also made a left and right working chain link fence gate that is already in the game.

7 days to die dbock's fences and gates additional screenshot

If you have any request to have a gate made or have an idea for me to add, please reach out to me! I would love to hear from you. You can find me on GuppyCur’s Discord server. If you are not on that server, feel free to PM me at Discord: DBock#6048

I hope you enjoy it! I would love feedback! Even negative feedback helps!

Thank you Xyth and GuppyCur for the help along the way! If I missed you, I didn’t forget, I’m just bad, but thank you too ;-)!

Shoutout to Mr.Devolver for testing the mod and responding with issues and fixes!

Note: This mod needs to be installed on both client and server for multiplayer.

Planned for Future

  • More fence variations
  • More Gates
  • Access by recipe, to fence models already in-game
  • More models of gates that use other materials that are commonly used in hoard bases


Version 1.2

I would say if you downloaded V1.1, PLEASE UPDATE. You will not regret it – this time. I know I messed up placements in V1.1 but I fixed them. Im sorry about that :).

  • Completely redid animations from the ground up. That should fix any issues with doors being out of sync on multiplayer servers. (Thank you Xyth)
  • Fixed the original gate positioning I messed up in V1.1 – That was my user error in placement, sorry about that.
  • Fixed repair items for the new BarGate, now all repairs should call for the correct items.
  • Fixed errors within the XML files – Thank You Mr.Devolver
  • With this update, I have two DLs. One has compatibility with FGStainlessMod. Obviously the other does not. Please download the correct version for yourself to avoid in-game errors!

Version 1.1

I would say if you downloaded my first upload, PLEASE UPDATE. You will not regret it.

  • Updated all animations to the gates now that I have a better grasp on what I’m doing.
  • Added a new “Bars” Gate for the people who use bars on their bases and don’t want to use a solid door.
  • Fixed the positioning of the original Chainlink Gates when trying to place them.
  • Updated all icons to hopefully resemble better what it’s for.
  • Added a single recipe for the wood “Bars” gate.
  • With this update, I have two DLs. One has compatibility with FGStainlessMod. Obviously the other does not. Please Download the correct version for yourself to avoid ingame errors!

Version 1.0

Initial Release

Download for people NOT using FGStainlessMod
Download for people who ARE using FGStainlessMod

Credits: DBock

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10 thoughts on “DBock’s Fences and Gates

  1. I added the Jericho Ranch to my survival world, and have been fixing it up to look a bit nicer. Any thoughts on doing some gates to go with wooden fences (white picket fence/gate, a brown wood gate to go with the vanilla fence texture)? Also, thought about fixing up some of the buildings in the town. So, I was thinking it would be nice to replace the staged store windows that look like glass doors with actual glass doors. I would love to play in a 7 Days to Die type game where the objective was rebuilding civilization after the apocalypse. There’s just so many zombies I can kill before it gets a bit redundant, but I’ve found that I really like building in this game. Thank goodness for modders for keeping this game interesting.

      1. Also I don’t if you take separate mod suggestions but a Subaru Forester in 7 Days to die would be pretty cool.

  2. Hey mate, the 2×2 fence with barb wire on the top has a hitbox error, when you try one side all the (panels?) and hittable but if you walk around to the other side only a portion of it is interactable with i.e.hitable.

  3. BE CAREFUL when using this mod. Save your savegame. I was really happy about fences. But as it stands the mod seems to have a conflict with “Sams Storage Stuff”. All cupboards have been replaced with fences. Result: All content there is gone. Even after removing the mod, the old storage box doesn’t come back. All my food are gone and easily 80% of my collected raw materials. I don’t know if this conflict still exists with other mods with containers. I’m extremely pissed right now…

    1. Backing up the savegame doesn’t help. I backed up the complete save directory and played it back, which I had as the last save before the mod (I use a backup tool and the saver every 5 minutes). The containers are simply gone.

  4. Thanks for sharing. So glad to finally have a door/gate that works with the vanilla chain link fences!
    Idk how much work it’d be, but a ‘Single Block’ version of the “Bars” gate, could be pretty useful (ie: same as the current Bars gate, just cut in half vertically), to use as kind of a ‘turnstile’.
    Or even a gate version of the ’round metal railings’ found with the Catwalk pieces.
    Just some ideas. Thanks again

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