Red’s Hot Stuff

7 days to die red's hot stuff

This modlet changes the vanilla values of most items that produce a heatmap penalty and adds a penalty to the Generator Bank, which is loud as heck. The changes should better reflect what noise, heat, sounds would normally be generated by tinkering with different appliances.

Changes are as follows:

  • Candle: .3 now 1
  • Torch: 1 now 3
  • Campfire: 3 now 5
  • Workbench: 0 now 5
  • Forge: 5 now 6
  • Cement Mixer: no change at 5
  • Chemistry Station: 6 now 7
  • Generator Bank: 0 now 10

7 days to die red's hot stuff additional screenshot


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Credits: Redmane

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