DBock’s Old Police Car

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There is a new Sheriff in town and that’s you.

This adds an old-style police car to the game with a rotary light bar!

The model at this point is new and shiny only, does not include a dirty model yet.

The lightbar works great with the flick of the light switch! It should be known, due to the limitations of the game, the rotors that are visible when the light bar is off, do not disappear when the lights come on. Due to this, I made them smaller so the bar looks good off and is not so noticeable when it is activated. It’s the best I can do for now.

Take over your town with your old police car today!


Credits: DBock

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2 thoughts on “DBock’s Old Police Car

  1. This was me and my brother’s favorite car to use. Please update to V21. Thank you for your time spent creating this.

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