DBock’s Silverado

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You know what makes me happy in the middle of the apocalypse?

A brand new truck.

That’s why you should add the Silverado to your vehicle line-up. Found at an untouched dealership, this brand new Silverado will bring you so much joy, you will forget there are even zombies nearby.

Currently, the model only includes a brand new model. A dirty model may come later.

I plan on adding a few things to this model, so standby for updates!


Credits: DBock

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15 thoughts on “DBock’s Silverado

  1. Hello,

    if I compare the black Silverado in your picture of the mod, it is much more black, than when I add the black color to my Silverado in game, its more grey than anything. Any idea why?

  2. I am totally spoiled by this mod. “new” has never felt so good. It instantly enhanced my experience, and the boost in speed is magnificent. I doubt I really want the jeep anymore. The only flaw I have seen, is that playing Multiplayer causes serious lag when driving/riding. That’s common with most vehicles anyway, with any mod-vehicles. I didn’t realize how much I would love this. Thank you.

  3. good mod
    is there a way to change the color?
    it comes white and i want to surprise a friend for his car
    thank you in advance

  4. the mod is great!
    You know that I have a bug in the game related to fuel, when I press the refill button it throws an error in the console “not reference an object”, could you help me or tell me how to correct it? Thank you

  5. very nice mds that you do. Would you be able to build ghostbuster’s car and several military vehicles like the leopard 2 german tank, abraham tank etc. Would also be cool to have Big rigs like is Kenworth, freightliner, peterbilt etc. Real trucks not like European dumplings, real American trucks

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