Adjustment Share XP

7 days to die adjustment share xp, 7 days to die experience

This mod allows you to set the distribution of experience for your party.

You can change the XP sharing method and ratio in the Config.xml file.

DONT_SHARE: No experience sharing

  • VANILLA: Vanilla Default
    • XP x (1 – ReduceRatio x (Member – 1))
    • The number in parentheses not be smaller than LowerLimit.
  • SPLIT: Equal sharing
    • XP / Member
  • CUSTOM: Customize killer and member XP multipliers.
    • Killer : XP * KillerRatio
    • Member : XP * MemberRatio

FULL: 100% share to all


Credits: Tanakanira

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3 thoughts on “Adjustment Share XP

  1. Hey Tanakanira ! I find this mod quite useful and actually its quite the missing feature from the vainilla version, i was hoping maybe it’d work in A21 but unfortunately some alerts appear in console, i took ss and uploaded in an image hoster for a quicker visualization
    could you please update it for A21 ? i’m playing with my gf and it has been impossible for me to even up our levels since all the experience from killing is equally shared, besides i’m the one crafting and building more. This mod should be a vainilla feature

  2. Hi tanakanira

    Thanks for sharing the mod, it has helped me a lot.
    Does your mod work with XNPC and the other character packs, so that the hired characters give you experience when they kill zombies?
    In case it is not, you could make a compatible version if it is not a bother.

    1. Hi, Gouki

      As a matter of fact I have not done much 7DTD and do not know the mod XNPC.
      So I don’t know how it behaves either.
      If it doesn’t work the way you want it to, please let me know.
      I may be able to make a compatible version when I have time.

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